*UPDATE! June 12, 2001*
Why no updates in so long? Life sometimes gets in the way ^_~
Also I'm working on moving Nyaomix to it's own domain! *prrr*
So during this downtime I'm going to email everyone who has joined to let you know that I did get your submission.

Thanks for your patience!

just what is the place about nyu~ ? other places to prowl nyu~ sign/read the guestbook nyu~ join the litter nyu~ say hello nyu~ meet the kitties nyu~

Welcome to Nyao! Mix where the nekomimi come to play!
What's nekomimi you might ask?
Well you might know them better as "catgirls"

(but there are catboys as well ^_~)

Click on Puchiko to see who's prowling around inside...