Greg Nyberg's Web Page

  Thanks for visiting my web site. It's nothing special, just a start.

Here's a link to the home page for my business, Nyberg Consulting, Inc.


Links to my Family's Pages:

Meredith's home page

Abby's home page

Matthews's home page

What I do for a Living:

I'm currently an independent J2EE computer consultant with 16 years' experience designing, building, testing, and deploying large, high-volume, transactional applications such as reservation systems, call centers, and consumer web sites. I enjoy leading teams of programmers using the Agile methodology and mentoring client resources in the latest J2EE tools and technologies available.

Some of the public web sites I've helped build include the Radisson site, the online order-entry portion of the Creative Memories site, and the backend systems for Minnesota's Income Tax System.

I'm also a published author in the Non-Fiction world with a popular WebLogic Server book and a previous WebLogic Server workbook now carried by O'Reilly.


What I do when I'm NOT working:

I enjoy flying radio-controlled model aircraft (such as the Extra 300s with Saito 0.91 shown above) at the Grassfield R/C Club in Minneapolis, playing with my kids, traveling with my wife, playing acoustic guitar (I splurged and got a decent Martin), and dabbling in writing science fiction. Click here for some of my current fiction work-in-progress.

I'm also very active in my church, playing in the Praise Team and serving on the Elder board. Some day I hope to write science fiction from a Christian perspective.

All things are possible.