Brian "B-Rok®" Littrell

Full name: Brian Thomas Littrell

Birthday: Febuary 20, 1975

Marital status: married.. actress Leighann Wallace (can be seen in the As Long As You Love Me video)

Nicknames: Brian, B-Rok®

Hair: dirty/sandy blonde

Eyes: blue

Fave color: blue

Hobbies: movies, shopping at the mall, park (b-ball)

Fave food: Mac & Cheese (ooh yum!)/cheese pizza (he luvs cheese..would that make him a CHEESY person? lolz)

Musical influences: Luther Vandross, Take6, Brian McKnight, Babyface

Perfect Date: Something simple, picnic in the park...says that the first date is getting to know someone..he wants someone who knows who he is not for what he does or what he "is"...a walk on by the lake and a picnic would be perfect for this guy - and that's why we all luv 'em! :)

Describes himself as: humorous, athletic

Desert Island CD's: Boyz II Men, Babyface, Backstreet Boys, Take6, Janet Jackson

Dream Vacation: To take his mom and dad to Australia or Hawaii (aw this guy's so sweet!)

Thought he would...: play in the NBA

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