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EntertainmentTeen magazine, the December 1999 issue

Nsync want out of RCA, ditto Backstreet Boys at Jive & TransCon puts its foot down. What's happening to today's hottest acts?
On the eve of the release of their new album, No Strings Attached, Nsync announced that they were leaving RCA and moving over to Jive Records, home of the Backstreet Boys. Suffice to say, the pop world was in shock by the announcement, since Nsync were expected to continue their two year plus streak of practically uninterrupted singles and concerts with the new album. Not to mention, Backstreet Boys were expected to break even more records with their Millennium CD and Tour, and move smoothly into 2000. If Nsync thought the future would have "no strings attached" it looks as though they're out of luck for the moment. Here's the scoop as we go to press...
Yes, Nsync are trying to get out of their arrangement with RCA. Now,don't think they're ungrateful, it's just that sources are saying that somebody, somewhere dropped a ball that now allows Nsync to make just such a move. Why would they do it now and risk spending time involved in legal happenings that's likely to delay their album?? Because they stand to gain lots more control over their music and increased benefits from its sales. Hey, you can't blame these hardworking guys for that-but oh, the fallout.
Backstreet Boys, who've been with Jive for years, were left with a strong feeling of deja vu. Back in the day, as BSB was rocking the planet, Nsync was introduced by BSB management, and Backstreet allegedly saw the new group as competition. It was a particularly awkward situation, since the boys and Nsync KNEW AND LIKED EACH OTHER. Eventually, BSB left their management, but remained at Jive Records. With Backstreet's departure and some changes in the management company, Nsync became stable mates of Britney Spears, who was also signed to Jive. No big whoop for BSB, since a single, female singer on their record label is not a direct competition. But now that Nsync wants in, well, now that's a different story.
Nsync's people obviously believe the group is legally free to make the move to Jive, Jive obviously believes the group is already a part of their label. TransContinental Records obviously believes it has Nsync signed to an 8 album deal and is now suing. And BSB's people obviously believe that BSb can get out of their Jive deal, because it allegedly includes something about the label not being able to sign another competing pop group. Clear? If it all sounds like a great big jumble to you, you're not alone.
What does it all mean?? For the record companies and attorneys, it means a lot of negotiating and maybe some time spent in court. For Nsync, whose album with Jive is due out in March 00, it means a delay they may or may not be able to afford. For BSB, it's just another shake up they really didn't want. With any kind of luck, all of this won't effect any extended tour plans BSB might have for 2000. For fans who care about these talented performers, their music and their shows...what a shocker, and what a bummer.
Early New Year's Resolution: to keep focusing on the music of Nsync &BSB, and the great guys in each group, and let the powers that be work it all out. Maybe, by the time you read this, the will have. In the meantime, stay tuned as the pop world turns...


>From BMG, who originally signed Nsync in Germany (&owns RCA and about 20% of Jive's parent company, Zomba, in the U.S.)
"NSync is a BMG act and we enforce and protect our rights vigorously."

>From a TransCon lawyer:
"Jive would like to take the position that they signed an exclusive recording agreement. But Nsync has a contract with TransCon that calls for 8 albums. They still have seven more to go."

>From Lou Pearlman, TransCon:
"NSync are signed to TransCon. We hope to get this settled as soon as possible."

>From Jive:
"The BSB are signed to a long term exclusive recording contract with Jive."

>From Johnny Wright:
"It's dangerous for BSB to give the impression that the reason they want to leave Jive is because of Nsync. I'm worried now that the industry and the fans will be put in position to take sides, and that's detrimental for both acts. If anything, BSB should embrace the situation, because teen pop is taking such potshots (from the press) that a rivalry between the two groups is only gonna further hurt it. and in reality, Nsync's move to Jive has nothing to with BSB."

>From BSB's AJ McLean:
"...Just when you think you have a good family unit and a good family household, and people that have your back, you realize it's always about the money. It's about how much more you can make off of someone else. It hurts; we each are equally hurt and it's out of our ballpark now. We're constantly trying to figure out what we are going to do. I, personally, look at it as a slap in the face rather than a pat on the back. I consider it the same situation as when they signed Nsync to the same management company that had us. It is a conflict of interest. It's not about who's going to get favoritism, it's just the principle. I don't point fingers at the guys, I'm pointing at the wizards who are behind it all."

>From Justin Timberlake:
"...I have faith, as long as I'm with my four friends, and we stick together, we will always be Nsync, and there is no one who can hold us back."

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