ChatYahoo_Lisa: Nick is Here!!!!!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Welcome Nick

venyssa999: Nick, you're great!!! I love you. Do you ever feel like you missed out because you never played high school sports, attended the prom, or went to graduation because you were tutored?

Nick: Of course I do. I think it was a definite sacrifice to make in order to do this, but at the same time I wouldn't give this up for the world but again as I've said there are things I wish I could've done

samantha_kwok: What would you do if you only had twenty four hours to live?

Nick: I would play some Nintendo! No... I would call anybody, everybody I knew... I would just try to have a whole day with everybody I knew so I could see them one last time

ChatYahoo_Lisa: What would be the song you would want to sing on that day?

Nick: I would have to sing, it's a church song I used to sing with my great grandfather who passed away. It would be Amazing Grace. I used to sing it with my great grandfather. He used to play the organ in church and I used to sing when I went over to his house while he played

hyper_lady: Nick, Why did you cut your hair???????

Nick: Well, you must be talking recently.. but I didn't cut my hair, well I did, I had to trim it down b/c it was getting way too long.. in the Teen People issue people were saying how it was way too long and I was getting kind of tired of that plus summertime came around and it was getting way too hot.

MusicFreak132: Who's Your Fave Spice Girl?

Nick: I don't have a favorite Spice Girl, simple as that :) They were cool enough for what they are, but I never really got into them all that much

Dava_loraine: what is the worst part about being famous

Nick: I'm never really home that much... I'm always touring and I really dont have a chance to relax chill and do nothing. Recently I did, but we're always touring.. so really being home and seeing all my family and friends.

N_Tash_C: where's the best place you've ever traveled since being in the Backstreet Boys?

Nick: I dont know... Austrlia was really nice. Spain was really nice. Pretty much just places that have been on the beach. I like the ocean, so that's probably why I really like those places so much

aletha1983: what do you really look for in a girl and be honest does good looks, and a good body really matter?

Nick: I think a girl should, in general what I look for is somebody who can handle the pressures and things that I do. A lot of the reasons we dont have girlfriends is becuse of all the pressures we undertake.. I mean you have to be attracted to a person, but you can put a not so good looking girl next to a gorgeous girl and if the not so good looking girl has a better personality, then you'll go that way.. Some people will say "yeah right"

zakotra: what is your favorite animated cartoon show?

Nick: Just recently I went to the movie Quest for Camelot.

ChatYahoo_Lisa: we are chatting with Nick from the Backstreet Boys...send in your questions now!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Please do NOT send IM's to the people onstage... it will bounce Nick off the chat and ruin it for everyone!

FrickLuva: Who's the most crazy, Brian, AJ or you?

Nick: I think AJ is crazy. If you wanna put someone as crazy, it's him... He has a very big outlook on life... he does anything he wants to do... he colors his hair... he's just a crazy cool type of guy

Nicklover_NL: What are you wearing at the moment?

Nick: I'm wearing a warm up suit and nikes

donnakay68: what is it like being the youngest in the group?

Nick: I get a lot of slack sometimes... the guys pick on me alot 'caus I'm the youngest but that's the whole role that younger brothers play you know what I'm saying?

Dora04_98: Hi Nick!! Have you ever gone skinny dipping? And if not will you ever?

Nick: Yeeeaaaah I have, but I was by myself... my parents were gone and I was like "why not?"

Tori_and_Tara_in_TO: Who is the coolest celebrity you've met so far?

Nick: Henry Winker -- the Fonz -- he was a really cool guy

Sarah_and_Brandy: If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?

Nick: I would do it with Steve Perry

ChatYahoo_Lisa: We are chatting with Nick from the Backstreet Boys...send in your questions now

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Nick is coming to us Live from Portland where the BSB have a chat tonight

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Oops, I mean a concert! Nick just reminded me

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Nick wants to know what your favorite BSB song is

ChatYahoo_Lisa: SweetCookie_1 Please stop sending IM's... Nick can't continue the chat until you do!

dawn_em_: How do you think you have changed since becoming famous?

Nick: I'd like to hope that I haven't changed. If any one tells me that I have, I try to fix it. I want to stay the same. I don't consider myself any better than anyone out there and just want to continue doing what I'm doing and enjoying what I'm doing.

w_harty: If you could have a super power for a day what would it be and w= hy?

Nick: I would have to have the ability to clean up the ocean. To help the world in some way... if that question was asked to somebody they'd say I'd love to have super jumping powers, I'd like to give back to the world, and if I can't do that I'd want to do something else for it.

CrazyChic_7: What is the name of Nick's new puppy?

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Bambi_1098 Stop sending IM's

Nick: My new puppy... I actually had two pugs and their names are Mikey and Willie and got a new one named Houston, because I got her in Houston. I sent her home from the road, because she was a real small puppy and it wasn't good for her out there

les_ley98: Does BSB ever chat online with fans incognito?

Nick: Yes they do

bbfrack: First of all, I wanna say hi! My name is Isabelle, I'm 16 and I'm from Quebec... my question is: Nick do you believe in love at first sight?

Nick: I don't know, I think you'd have to experience it first. I haven't had that yet

Nicks_girl1817: what is your biggest fear in life?

Nick: My biggest fear in life would have to be... well I really can't stand sharks although I'm fascinated by them... well not that I can't stand them.. but my fear is being in the water and being attacked by them. But I'd really have to say flying, I hate flying... if there's an opportunity to take a bus or fly I'd rather take a bus. I don't want to step on a plane where you don't have control...

missy23_ca: if you were a girl, which backstreet boy would you like the most?

Nick: I'd have to say... probably none of them... LOL...

Belle_202: What did you do to celebrate your 18th birthday?

Nick: Just a nice cake and that was it.

Jupiter2425: What is your most prized possesion?

Nick: I have a lot of prized possessions... my beanie baby collection.. I collect like crazy. I have a lot of them... about 102 or something like that... but I'm trying to get the whole collection which is really hard.. . so if anybody out there can help me;). Also, I collect comic books... the only ones are Aliens and Predator but my most prized collection would be my family

Crystalstewart: what was your big break into music?

Nick: when I met the fellas.. that was the big break.. the actual starting of a long time, hopeful, success

beavis_luver: what cd have you worn out the most playing?

Nick:Hmmmm... I've probably worn out some Journey CDs like crazy... I played Raised on Radio forever... Also I played out -- not a lot of people like it, but the Hammer album... the funky headhunter album... I played it so much I ruined that CD... then I bought another one and lost that one.. and lost anohter one so I've contributed to the Hammer foundation :)

N_Tash_C: what's it like on the tour bus?

Nick: I used to play it when I played video games a lot... but that's me, I'm a weird person :) Can be hectic, very claustrophobic, can be fun at times when you can play video games in the back... That's the best... I love playing video games.

Shelly_BSB: What video did you have the most fun making?

Nick: Probably BackStreet's Back... although it was really long... it took 3 days -- day and night we were working... it was hectic but it was fun.. I mean when you saw the final cut.

SinglePringle: What's the craziest rumour you've ever heard about yourself or the band?

Nick: Craziest rumor... Well... I can name a series of rumors.. I would like to start off with everyone thinking I was gay. I'm not gay. Also that I was leaving the group... I'm not. I heard another one that I was kicked off the tour... on the way to the show -- don't know how that could happen.. That's a couple of them


Nick: I love wrestling. My favorite team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I happen to be from Tampa, might as well support the team. as a matter of fact right now they're playing Miami -- we're gonna kick their butts and I like the Oakland Athletics... and I'm rooting for McGuire... And also I've been looking for a green Oakland A's batting practice jersey for years!

Girlie24: Why did Kevin throw you out of the dressing room in your green undies?

Nick: Cause he was a meenie head! No, what happened was, I dont know.. sometimes.. like I said, they pick on me alot!

frick_and_frack_lvrs: Would you ever pose for Playgirl?

Nick: I don't think so. Come back and ask me that question in 10 years

always_Fracks_Girl: What the best part of preforming?

Nick: Actually seeing all the happy people out in the audience enjoying your music.. and having fun doing something you love.

JLG1128: Hey Nick! I was just wondering if the ring on your right hand middle finger is from someone special

Nick: It's a promise ring from a best friend of mine -- just to be friends

Charly_girl_98: I love BSB's music because it is about a real love for music and the fans. What do you think makes BSB's music unique?

Nick: I think it's a music of different types of music. It's a mixture of R&B, pop and dance music. There are a lot of people out there who like variety. There's even a bit of a rock edge on the allbum.. I like Metallica, Nirvana, I like Snoop, R Kelly, Journey -- all differnt types of music.

HaydeeLuvU: What's your next video gonna be?

Nick: We don't know yet. We pretty much don't have a next video yet

wingsrule1: What is the funniest thing that has happened this US tour so far? :)

Nick: Well... there was one show where I ripped the back of my pants out.. and we had ducked down, done a move or something, it felt like it ripped, but I was like "maybe not"... but then I felt this breeze coming up from somewhere and I put my hand back there and I could actually touch my whole butt! That was pretty bad.

BackieJ: Nick, what kinda of pizza is your favorite?

Nick: Cheese, lots of cheese, tons of cheese. I'll never forget, we were up in Canada somewhere and me and Brian were up watching a Dodgers game or something and the pizza we ordered had cheese and inch thick! It was gooey and cheesy! And the Piazza hit a homer to win the game -- it was pretty cool. And at that time we were calling Mick Piazza "pizza face" b/c of his name.

Angel_heaven20: Describe a typical day

Nick: There is type A, type B, Type C. Type A would be a normal tour day -- you sleep from 11 at night, you just did a show, and then you sleep all thway until noon, 2 or 3.. you wake up, pack and get on the bus and travel to the venue then you do it all again. Then there's type B, a promotional tour which is hell on earth -- well it can be fun too.. but you're traveling all different places and working all hours of the day doing photo shoots, television shoots.. etc. Then there's type C: The day off. Which you just gotta love! :)

radiouno: Do you cook?

Nick: I can cook. I can cook seafood -- I love seafood. I also can cook Campbell's -- it's a great helper when it comes to cooking... put it in the pot and it's done... You'd think I was a chef -- Chef Boyardee! (Oh, so now he's Mr. Funnyman? hehehhaa)

KatyCarter: If you were abducted by aliens who were going to erase all of your memories except for one, which one would you pick to keep?

Nick: I would pick to keep -- wow WOW what a question! I'd probably have to say .. I would pick... Darnnit.. You've got me brain struck! I'll have to get back to you on this one.

Kixxster15: Will you marry me?

Nick: I don't know. You better think about that before you send that. :) (Ahhh go Nick! That's mah boy! :)

GirlTitanic1: What is your favorite movie?

Nick: Aliens and Big Trouble in Little China

sm9731: What is the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?

Nick: I got a go-cart for Christmas. Well, what can I say... Hmmm... I would personally love to answer each and every one of you guys' questions... but unfortunately, I have to go and take care of some business. :)

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks for joining us Nick! The next BSB chat is on Tuesday..... check for the time and who will be chatting!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Chat is over! Thanks for joining us!

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