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New York Dedication

This site is dedicated to the people who perished, and the survivors, of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Each element has been specifically selected.

I chose the gray background because in the United States, we do not exist in a black and white environment. Our government does not put in black letters what religion everyone must be. Children born into Roman Catholic families, may, over the course of their lifetime join methodist, then try jewish, and end up as a budhist. All citizens can become the leader of the country. We are not told what we can or cannot say. Gender does not limit a persons future. We have the right, in the United States for a single, non caucaseon mother who has exited the catholic church and become a member of the jewish nation, to be president.

Look at the picture of the woman working in an office.  She is leading a group of men. Surrounding these words are some of the churches in this country. The pictures at the top represent every childs goal. Our firemen choose their occupation, not the government or the family. Our police serve us, not the other way around.

Woodie Guthrie is a product of the American Dust Bowl. He had nothing and lost more. How did he handle it? He wrote a song proclaiming this to be the greatest country in the world. Listen to the words of "This land is your land". Fighting against strife, suppression, and tyranny is the American power pill. This nation of hero's was founded beating off a tyranical ruler. We fought ourselves and discovered the pride of unity. Mother Nature took her turn, but we discovered irrigation. A sneak attack on a sunday morning proved our strength and resolve. Attacks by terrorists shows our real heros.

America is the diamond of the world. We have the tightest, strongest crystalline bonds of any nation on earth.

Listen up world. We are here, we live and die for freedom and equality.

DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!

R. C. Berry
This site is a tribute from the board of directors of the writers showcase. I am from Iowa, my feelings are in the words above. We have many locations represented here. Each link below is listed by location. On 9/11, terror visited us. We are some of the millions returning that visit.
The Silent Victims
For all Freedom haters, and anti-Americans, pick on someone your own size! Click here.
Notable Links
USS Independence -------- a site for men and woman who served on the uss Indy CV-62
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Philly PA.
New York
Shipmate #1
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