Nykks Stories

(Note: I may take stories down periodically. This probably means that I've sent them somewhere to be considered for publication.)

A Swordsman's Sonata

Aces High

The Adventures of the PPV Squad- quite possibly the best wrestling parody ever written. ;)

PPV Squad Fantasy Bookings- Fictional fantasy booking on what the PPV Squad did in the WWF after The Adventures of the PPV Squad.

From the Vault- more fun with the PPV Squad

Royal Rumble 2004 Fantasy Booking- the way I would have booked the Royal Rumble.

Poetry- I don't normally write poetry, but had to for a class I took. So here's a catalogue of all my work.

Masters of the Apartment (Bastards of the Universe)- this is a strip my roommate Jim made, and I help out with, starring all your favorite action figures.

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