Hey guys! OK...well, there's alot to say. First of all, Nymphiuze is closed...I mean, really closed. At first it was just closed for renovations, but now I figure it should be closed for good because my grades are slipping and all. I'm really sorry, but I guess you people could kind of see it coming. Anyway, I apologize for any inconveniences, but there's also some good news! Well, first of all, the click and take adoptions will still be up, mind you read the rules and give the little pets good homes. Second of all, I have two new sites:

Winter Hollow: It's kind of like Nymphiuze, except it's a market site, you can go there to find out what I mean. It's less demanding than Nymphiuze because I can "sell" and "buy" cyberpets whenever I choose, versus Nymphiuze where I had to make new litters of pets every time. Anyway, check it out, I hope you'll join the market so you can buy some cyberpets from moi?

Jocelyn INC.: A personal site, just with artwork, poetry, writing, stuff like that. It's an in-depth look on the life of me, Jocelyn. So, have fun! If you have some time to kill, or if you're a stalker and are just obsessed with my personal life (I'm joking of course), please visit?

If you would like to adopt some click and take pets, please read the rules firstly.

My adopted pets.

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