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Nymue's Loft       Version 2.0
Hello everyone. Welcome to my Loft. This is where I sit back with my mocha fraps and calm down by writing...anything and everything. I'm under major construction and I write a little each day so please keep checking back.

I write poetry, short stories, and books. Anything that I feel like really. I started this site because a friend who enjoyed my writing urged me to post it somewhere or get published. So I was bored one day and thought that I should get my stuff posted somewhere.

. Thanks for stopping in!

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1-26-03= Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not updating recently...I've been very busy and it seems like I never get to work on my site! Again, I apologize. More updates are coming soon.
      I started a few new short stories, and I am going to remodel a few pages of this site to give it a fresh, new look very soon.

10-4-03= Again, been pretty busy. Trying to get back to writing, another thing I rarely have time to do.