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Extended Final Scene for Healthy McDowell Movement 


This is how Season 10/ Episode 10 would have ended if this A&Cer could have had her way.  


ďEverything will be fineĒ 

Connieís reassuring words were falling on deaf ears. Andy was beside himself as he sat on the bed with his son. No amount of coaxing or reassuring was going to bring Theo out of his sullen mood. Sipowicz men didnít adapt well to change, &

Andy knew that Theo was the one that was going to have the most adjusting to make. Not only was he leaving behind the only home that he had ever known. But he was going to have to go to a new school, & make all new friends. Andy shuddered at the thought of what his boy was facing. But deep down, he knew that eventually things would really be fine. At least he hoped they would, he was just going to have to do everything he could to make this easier on Theo.  

Andy: (trying to sound upbeat): Hey, you wanna help me get the aquarium set up? 

Theo: No, Iím playing my Gameboy. 

Andy: Come on Theo, itíll be fun. Youíve always liked helping me with the fish. 

Theo: I donít want to, I just wanna play my game.  

Andy: (Feeling defeated, letís out a deep sigh): Okay then. How about we get a pizza for dinner?  

Theo: Iím not hungry. 

Andy: Well, you have to eat something. Iíll order a pizza & maybe by the time it gets here, youíll be ready to eat. 

Theo continues to concentrate on his game, totally ignoring his Father & barely noticing as Andy leaves the room.  

ďItíll be okay, everything will be fineĒ

Connie is feeling a bit overwhelmed as she attends to the baby. After changing her diaper & giving her a bottle, she rocks her gently back to sleep. Connieís mind is reeling as she ponders the major changes her life has taken over the past couple of months. She was still trying to come to terms with losing her sister & becoming a new mother at the same time. Now, she had 2 more people to care for. She loved them all very much, but this was going to be a major adjustment. She knew it wasnít going to be easy, but she was determined to make it work. She had wanted things to progress this way between her & Andy. She knew that she was falling in love with him, & she wanted them to make a life together. She only hoped that they were not rushing things. Little Theo was not taking this move well at all. Who could blame him; it wasnít easy being 6 years old & having your world turned upside down. She & Andy would have to work extra hard to make things right for the little guy. ďEverything will be fine,Ē she kept telling herself that as she put the now sleeping baby back in her crib & returned to the living room to continue unpacking. 


Several hours later: Andyís aquarium is now up & running & his precious Salt Water Tropicals are now safe in their new home. He & Connie have been working tirelessly & are making headway with the unpacking. Theo is now ready for bed & Andy is preparing to tuck him in for the night.  

Andy: Come on squirt, Iíll read you a story.  

Theo: No, Iím tired. I donít want a story tonight.  

Andy: Come on Theo, we always read before you go to sleep.  

Theo: Iím tired tonight; I just wanna go to sleep.  

Andy: Okay then, do you want me to sit here with you while you fall to sleep? 

Theo: No, Iím not a baby, I donít need you to sit with me.  

Andy: I know youíre not a baby Theo. Itís your first night in your new room. I thought you might have trouble falling to sleep.  

Theo: I wonít, Iím tired. Iíll be okay.  

Andy: (Really feeling defeated now), Well, okay then. Remember, Iím right down the hall if you need me.  

Theo doesnít respond he just rolls over, turning his back on his Father. Andy bends down & kisses his son & sighs deeply as he returns to the living room to help Connie.  

A few more hours pass, & itís now getting late. Andy & Connie have decided to call it a night & continue the unpacking the next day. Connie has already gone off to get ready for bed. As he looks around at the all of the boxes surrounding him, he canít help but think that they represent the life he was leaving behind. The life he had built & hoped to live with Sylvia. He still loved & missed his wife terribly. He hoped that she would understand his wanting to make a new life for himself & Theo. He was certain that she would give her blessing if she could. She would want Andy & Theo to be happy, to have someone in their lives that loved & cared for them as much as she would if she were still alive. Andy was certain that Connie was that person, he wouldnít be here if he wasnít. 

Andy turns & heads down the hall, stopping at Theoís room to check on his son. He finds him sound asleep, & he stands watching over him as he sleeps. He loves this little guy with all his heart, & wants nothing but the best for him. How could he make him understand that this move was the right thing to do? That finally, Theo was going to have the family he deserved. The family that was taken from him when his mother was murdered? His feeble attempt at creating that family with his ex-wife Katie had failed miserably. Thank God Katie had come to her senses & called things off before they had actually gotten remarried. They would have been miserable. But this time was different, this was the real thing. He knew he was falling in love with Connie; his heart skipped a beat every time he looked at her. He knew he wanted this family, & knew he wanted it with Connie. He hoped that Theo would come around soon & accept their new living arrangements. Andy bends down & lightly kisses his sleeping son on the top of his head, then turns to leave.  

Andy goes into his & Connieís bedroom & finds Connie tending to Michelle. She has just put her back in the crib & was staring at her with love & wonderment in her eyes. She turns when she hears Andy enter the room. She smiles at him, & he returns the smile, marveling at how beautiful she is.  

Connie: Theo okay? 

Andy: Yeah, heís out like a light. 

Connie: Good, Andy, heíll be okay. He just needs some time to get used to this. 

Andy: (starting to undress), I know he will Iím just a little worried about him. We sprung this whole move thing on him out of the blue. Maybe I should have given him more time to adjust to the idea before just packing up & moving.  

Connie: Andy, Iím not sure giving him more time would have made it any easier on him. Weíre just going to have to keep reassuring him that we love him & weíll help him through this. Heíll be okay, we all will. 

Andy: I guess, Iím going to go brush my teeth. 

Connie: (Smiling at him), Okay, hurry back. 

Andy doesnít respond as he goes into the bathroom & shuts the door behind him. Connie turns down the bed & begins to get undressed. She has dreamed about this night for a long time. Finally, the night has come when Andy wonít have to leave her bed & go home. He was home, & she couldnít wait to welcome him here. She was looking forward to spending the entire night in his arms.  

Andy was suddenly feeling like a schoolboy on his first date. He couldnít understand why he was feeling like this. Itís not like they hadnít been together before. He had spent many wonderful hours in Connieís bed in the past few months. Tonight was different though; tonight he didnít have to leave her. He could hold her in his arms all night. He had been looking forward to this night for a long time. He felt so alive when he was with her, holding her in his arms was like holding an angel. . He still had a little trouble believing that she could fall for someone like him. She could have any man she wanted, & the fact that she wanted him still amazed him. He was a lucky man. Andy smiled as he turned out the bathroom light & entered the bedroom.  

What he saw took his breath away. Connie was standing in front of him wearing only his pajama top. She had the first few buttons opened, & her shear beauty stopped him dead in his tracks. 

Connie: I hope you donít mind if I borrow this tonight. 

Andy: You kidding? Looks better on you than it ever would on me. (a Beat), Just donít make a habit of borrowing my clothes okay?  

Connie: (Nervous laugh), I wonít.  

They stand there in silence just looking at each other for a few moments. Finally

Connie walks over to Andy & puts her arms around him. 

Connie: Welcome home Andy. 

Before he can respond, she reaches up & kisses him passionately. Andy returns the kiss, his head is swimming now. Heís totally lost in her embrace.

When their lips finally part, they just stand there holding on to each other for dear life. Andy begins to gently stroke Connieís hair, and then he kisses her softly on the top of her head. They stay locked in the embrace for a few minutes. Finally, Connie pulls back from the embrace & takes Andy by the hand. She leads him over to the bed & they stop & turn to face each other, staring lovingly & longingly into each otherís eyes. Connie smiles at Andy as she unbuttons the remaining buttons of his pajama shirt. Andy takes in the utter beauty of the woman standing in front of him as he reaches out, removes the shirt & tosses it on the bed.  

Andy: Damn, youíre beautiful.  

Connie: Thank you. She gives him a quick kiss & then helps him remove the rest of his clothes. She gently caresses his strong arms & shoulders, thinking how much she loves having those arms around her. How safe & loved she feels when sheís lying in them. She shudders as Andy reaches out & runs his hands up & down her bare back. They join together in a passionate embrace, each just enjoying the shear joy of being together. Connie pulls back & climbs onto the bed, Andy is really lost now as he stares at this beautiful woman in front of him. He joins her in the bed, she lies back & he hovers over her, gently caressing her face. Then he begins her kiss her face & they become totally lost in each other. Their passion continues to rise as each enjoys the otherís body. Finally, when Connie begins to feel that she canít stand it any longer, Andy enters her & they become one in their passion.  

Afterward, as he holds Connie in his arms, Andy canít help but feel both exhilaration & guilt at the same time. Heís happier than he has been in a long, long time. But at the same time he knew his son was miserable. Did he have the right to feel this happy when his boy was so unhappy? Andy lets out a big sigh as he pulls Connie closer to him & kisses the top of her head. He hoped that Theo would come around soon; his heart ached for his son & the fact that he was so miserable. He hoped Theo would come around sooner than later, he wanted his son to be as happy as he was right now. 

Connie senses that something is not quite right with Andy as she lies in his arms. She wanted to make him happy, she wanted to give him & Theo everything that had been taken from them when Sylvia had died. She couldnít stand thinking that either one of them was the least bit unhappy.  

Connie: Andy, what the matter? Are you okay? She kisses him softly on the neck.  

Andy: Yeah, everything is fine. Iím just a little worried about Theo. Heís really not coming out of his funk over this move. 

Connie: I know this is a tough time for him Andy. It canít be easy on someone his age to have their world turned upside down like this. But heíll come around. Kids are tough, heíll be okay. This move is going to require a lot of adjustment for all of us. But weíll be okay because weíre where we want to be, together. (A Beat), Right? 

Andy: (Lifting himself up & turning to face Connie): Right, this is where I want to be Connie. Now & always, this is where I belong. I like the company, & this beats going home to sleep alone on a sofa bed anytime. 

Connie: (reaching up & caressing his face): You are home Andy, & donít you ever forget it. 

Andy: I wonít, especially if you welcome me home like this every night.  

Connie: (Laughing): I canít promise you this every night. But Iíll do my best. Weíll see.  

Andy: Okay, itís a deal.  

They share a soft gentle kiss & Andy lies back down & pulls Connie closer to him.  

Andy: We better get some sleep. We have another long day ahead of us tomorrow.  

Connie: I know, but it was kind of fun. Good night Andy. Iím glad you & Theo are here.  

Andy: Iím glad weíre here too. Good night. 

Andy kisses Connie softly on her head & closes his eyes. The last thought he has as he drifts off to sleep is how wonderful it feels to say good night to Connie & not have to leave her. Connie is thinking the same thing as she drifts off, safely lying in Andyís arms. 

3:00 AM:  

Andy wakes up to an empty bed. Startled at first before he realizes where he is. He notices Connie is not beside him, but he hears her singing softly & sweetly to Michelle as she rocks her in the rocking chair across the room. The moonlight shining through the windows casts a warm glow on the vision of mother & daughter sharing a tender moment. Andy was overwhelmed at Connieís beauty & the beauty of the vision in front of him. Andy decided that he was going to like it here. How could he not?