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Love is Good 

Late Friday afternoon finds Connie and Andy at Dr. Hammonds office for Connieís monthly prenatal exam. Today Connie will be having her second ultra sound and hopefully theyíll be able to tell the sex of the baby. Just entering her sixth month, Connie has had a very smooth and uneventful pregnancy.


Connie smiles as Andy gets up and paces in front of the reception desk for the sixth time since theyíve arrived. She knows how uncomfortable he gets around doctors but he has faithfully gone with her to every appointment without complaint. When Andy settles himself beside her again she reaches over to hold his hand firmly in hers.


Connie: It wonít be much longer. We should be next.


Andy: Iím fine. I just think that when you have a 4:00 appointment you should be seen at 4 and not 4:30. You know what I mean?


Connie: (Kissing the back of his hand) I know but itís not so bad. This is really the first time weíve ever had to wait. Relax.


Andy: (Smiling) I guess now would be a good time to tell you I have a surprise for you tonight.


Connie: What is it?


Andy: I made reservations at that new Italian restaurant you wanted to try down by the Seaport. Theo is going camping with Joey and his family this weekend so heíll be gone Ďtil Sunday and Andreaís husband is on a fishing trip so she was more than happy to watch Michelle for us. (Reaching over and stroking her cheek) So itíll just be you and me for the next two days. That all right with you?


Connie: (Smiling but with teary eyes) It sounds wonderful.


Andy: (Worried) Why the tears? Iím sorry I should have asked you what you wanted to do. Connie donít cry.


Before Connie can say anything a nurse walks up to them. ďMr. And Mrs. Sipowicz? Please follow me.Ē She leads them to an examination room and hands Connie a gown to change into assuring them the doctor would be in shortly.


Andy is so angry with himself. He should have consulted Connie before doing anything. Once she was comfortable he would run out and call Andrea and let her know about the change in plans. He would make everything right. He watches Connie remove her clothes and put on the gown then he helps her up onto the exam table.


Andy: Look Connie, Iím just going to run out and make a quick call before the doctor comes in. Iíll be right back.


Connie: (Grabbing his arm) Andy wait, come here. I wasnít upset about our dinner plans. (Noticing the doubt in his face she pulls him closer) I was upset because I forgot Theo was leaving with Joeyís family for the weekend and I didnít get to say goodbye. Silly huh? Must be hormones or something. (Looking down embarrassed)


Andy: (Lifting her chin so heís looking directly into her tear filled eyes) Not silly at all. Youíre just being a mom. Donít worry, Joeyís mom said the drive to the campgrounds would take a couple of hours and I asked her to call later this evening so we could say goodnight.


Connie: (Overcome with emotion she hugs him tight) Oh Andy, I love you. Iím sorry Iím being such a crybaby. Thank you for putting up with me.


Andy: Where else would I be? As far as being a crybaby, this is the first time you had me on edge. But let this be the last time okay, Ďcuz I donít know if I can handle it.


The doctor walks in at that moment and begins his exam. While the doctor talks with Andy and Connie about her progress and has them listen to the babyís heartbeat, a technician walks in and starts setting up for her ultra sound. The doctor has Connie lay back on the exam table, raises her gown exposing her stomach and squeezes the jelly all over before starting the procedure. After a few moments of running the wand over her belly a figure appears on the monitor.


Dr. Hammond: (Pointing to the screen) Thereís your baby. You can see the babyís spine and the heart beating. Everything looks very good so far. Did you want to know the sex of the baby?


Andy: Can you tell?


Connie: Yes weíd like to know.


Dr. Hammond: The baby is not in a very good position but Iíll try to find a better angle. Weíre also going to do some measurements to make sure your baby is developing normally. (After several minutes) Well it looks to me like you're going to have a baby boy. (Pointing to an area on the monitor) There is the baby's penis. Congratulations. It looks like you have a healthy boy growing in there. Go ahead and sit up Connie.


Andy: (Smiling at Connie) A boy huh?


Connie: (Amazed) Wow, a boy.


Dr. Hammond: Connie and the baby are doing wonderful. Do you have any concerns?


Connie: Nope. I have noticed the baby moving a lot more and it feels nice.


Dr. Hammond: Thatís normal as the baby grows. (Teasing) Most mothers think itís nice until the last few months or so when the baby starts kickboxing. Hang in there though itís all worth it in the end. Well if you donít have any questions weíre done for today. Iíll see you in about 3 to 4 weeks unless you have any concerns, then you should call me sooner. You both have a nice weekend. Take care. (After shaking Andyís hand and patting Connieís back he leaves the room)


Technician: (Handing them an envelope) Here are your babyís photos. Enjoy them. If youíd like a video copy let the nurse know and we can have one made for you.


Connie: (Taking the envelope and smiling) Thank you.


Connie gets dressed and after setting up her next appointment she and Andy head out. They had some time before dinner so Connie wanted to walk down by the Seaport. The evening was cold but nice and they stopped every now and then to watch the people passing by and to look out on the water.


Andy couldnít believe how beautiful Connie was. Not that she wasnít always beautiful, but now she seemed to truly Ďglow.í  She looked so happy and this pregnancy seemed to have made her complete. Thatís it, he thought, she looked complete. Sometimes he would catch her looking at herself in the mirror or staring at her stomach as if she still couldnít believe she was pregnant. Her first pregnancy, at 15 was spent in fear and turmoil. Now things were totally different for her and she was enjoying every moment of it this time around. He felt so proud that he was a part of this. She was carrying his baby. He felt like strutting and shouting out for the world to know.


Connie loved when she and Andy got to spend time alone together like this. It was a rare occurrence with the two kids, and it would probably be an even rarer thing after the baby arrived. She looks at his face as he stares out at the water and she canít believe how much she loves this man and how much he has brought into her life. They had traveled a long road in their relationship and the entire journey had led to their wonderful life now. Their love developed slowly based on a strong friendship, but sometimes thatís just the way things have to go when love is true. She remembered the exact moment she realized how much she loved him. It was that horrible day when a suspect had taken him hostage. Just thinking about it still terrified her. Andy wasnít big with words and public displays of affection but he showed his love for her every day in everything he did. When her sister died and she decided to raise her baby he stood right there, took her in his arms and calmly told her they would work it all out. No hesitation, no questions, just his love and support for her. She went a little crazy there for a while so caught up in the baby that she pushed him and Theo away, but he pushed right back and reminded her how much better off they would be raising the kids together. He always joked about being so resistant to change but he never let her down and they made it through. And now they were going to have a baby. A bona fide miracle!


Andy: (Feeling her shiver he opens his coat and wraps his arms around her) We better go in and get you warm. I donít want you catching cold.


Connie: (Wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tight) Iím fine right here in your arms. Itís nice out here isnít it? I really love this city.


Andy: (Hugging her tighter) Itís a great place to be. (Kissing her head) You feeling warmer?


Connie: (Kissing his neck) Yep and all of a sudden Iím starving. My appetite has really grown lately. I always seem to be hungry.


Andy: (Holding her as he turns them to start walking) Well you are eating for two you know. Letís go, I donít want you to pass out on me from hunger.


They walk huddled together towards the restaurant. Their dinner turned out to be a lot of fun. There was live entertainment and the owner and his wife wooed them with samples of their many different dishes. They were excited about Connieís pregnancy and kept complimenting her and Andy on their good fortune. After several hours of fine food and company they left for home with a generous bag of leftovers and the promise that they would return very soon. It was a quiet and comfortable drive home. As soon as they entered the apartment the phone started ringing. It was Theo calling to let them know they had arrived safely. Andy spoke with him briefly, said goodnight and passed Connie the phone.


Connie: Are you having fun sweetheart?


Theo: Yeah mom itís fun, our tents are all set up and weíre going fishing tomorrow for breakfast. Itís so cool. I wish you guys were here.


Connie: I wish that too. Well Iíll let you go. I love you Theo, have fun. See you Sunday, bye.


Theo: I love you too mom. Bye.


Connie: (Ending the call) Heís having fun.


Andy: (Studying her) You arenít going to cry are you? Heís having fun. Thatís good, right?


Connie: (Poking his belly and laughing) No Iím not going to cry. I donít know sometimes I just get these sudden waves of emotion. It drives me crazy. I guess it's those darn hormones again, go figure.


Andy: Okay as long as youíre all right.


Connie: (Removing her coat and shoes and groaning) I am so stuffed. The food was really good and Mr. And Mrs. Gianucci are adorable. Donít you think?


Andy: (Removing his coat and shoes and loosening his tie) Yeah that place was pretty good and thanks to the Gianucciís weíve got enough leftoverís to take us through tomorrow. (Reclining on the couch he pulls her down towards him)


Connie: (Leaning back on him rubbing her stomach) Iím really starting to show now. Pretty soon Iíll be out to here. (Gesturing with her hand) Will you still love me when Iím so big I start to waddle?


Andy: (Holding her belly and kissing her neck) Yeah Iíll still love you when you waddle. Heck Iíll even love you when your belly gets so big it comes into a room 5 seconds before the rest of you does.


Connie: (Jabbing his belly with her elbow) Hey! Be nice. This all your fault you know.


Andy: Oh yeah? I never heard any complaints.


Connie: (Turning her head and kissing his neck) Why would I complain? Making love with you is never a chore. And besides, look what good has come of it.


Andy lifts her chin up and plants a light kiss on her lips then hugs her tight as they cuddle there on the couch. Much later Connie awakens and finds herself alone on the couch tucked under a thick blanket. She canít even remember falling asleep. She gets up and heads to the bedroom to find Andy when she notices the bathroom door slightly open and she hears the shower going. Without any hesitation she walks into the room, undresses and climbs into the shower behind him.


Connie: (Sliding her arms around him rubbing his chest and belly, enjoying the feel of his wet naked body against hers) HmmÖ you feel nice and warm. How long was I asleep? Why didnít you wake me?


Andy: Hey there. You were out for a while. (Turning to face her) Iím done here. Want me to help you?


Connie: (Smiling sexily) Do you even have to ask?


He takes his time getting her clean. Starting with her neck and working down her body he is very thorough and by the time heís done her body is tingling. Andy rinses all the soap off of her then turns the water off. Connie looks at him, confused.


Connie: Thatís it? Weíre done? ButÖ


Andy: (After quickly drying himself off he starts wiping her dry) Believe me, we're far from done. I just think we should finish this in the bedroom.


He drops the wet towels on the floor, takes her hand and leads her to their room. At the foot of their bed Connie takes the lead and pushes him to sit on the edge of the bed then settles herself on his lap. She brings her lips to his and plunges her tongue into his mouth stealing his breath away until she has him groaning. Slowly she pulls her lips off his and starts planting kisses on his cheek, his ear and down his neck nipping gently as she goes. Andy takes this opportunity to lower his head and capture one of her nipples in his mouth. She gasps as he suckles her breast and she pulls his head into her chest.


Andy continues sucking on her nipple loving the sounds of her passion. Andy turns them slightly and as he pushes her down onto the bed he turns his attention to her other nipple eliciting more gasps of pleasure. His tongue begins a torturous journey down through the hollow between her breasts while his hands come up and softly pinch her sensitized nipples. Andy briefly rubs and kisses her belly as he continues his path downward. He gently parts her thighs opening them, allowing his fingers to search through her damp curls seeking the throbbing heart of her. As he covers her with his mouth she cries out and lifts her hips causing Andy to grab her bottom with his big hands. He keeps her arched high as he takes a deep taste of her, thrusting with his tongue and sucking on her clitoris in a long, slow, devastating kiss. He can't ever seem to get enough of her taste, her smell. He can feel her body start to tremble and hear her panting breaths signaling her orgasm. Connie's whole body is seized by a flood of pleasure that has her crying out, "Andy... oh my God" as she loses total control.


Andy tastes her orgasm on his lips and tongue and continues his loving until he feels her body slowly start to relax around him. He pulls himself back up her body and looks down at his beautiful wife. That he can bring that look of total satisfaction to her gorgeous face arouses him even more and as she opens her eyes and smiles up at him he leans down to suck on the throbbing pulse at her neck. The need and hunger to bury himself deep inside her is driving him crazy and feeling her leg rubbing against his erection wasn't helping matters any at all. Andy takes her mouth in another deep, heated kiss causing them both to groan.


Connie pulls back, reluctantly ending their kiss and pushes Andy onto his back as she settles herself over him. She reaches down and grabs his rock hard penis in her hand and starts rubbing up and down its length causing him to moan. Connie lightly nips on Andy's ear and whispers, "my, my is this for me?" Andy groans as he feels Connie start kissing her way down his body, then she takes him into her mouth and he is lost. She is driven, licking up then down, fast then slow, stroking and squeezing caught up in his taste and his heat. Andy is so close to losing it but he doesn't want to come like this, when he comes he wants to be deep inside her. He pulls on her hair gently until she looks up at him, "Connie, I can't take much more, come here." She sucks him into her mouth deeply one last time then allows him to pull her on top of him. Gripping her waist with his hands he positions her and in an instant he is buried deep inside of her. They both freeze at that moment caught up in the extreme pleasure of being joined so intimately. After a while, without any words or signs they start moving together matching each other stroke for stroke. Connie grabs Andy holding on for dear life as she works her pelvis back and forth bearing down hard, and welcoming every inch of him deep into her. Andy leans in and pulls one of her nipples into his mouth and in mere minutes, he feels her inner muscles milking him as she cries out her release which sends him following her right over the edge.


They both collapse. Connie can feel Andy's heart beating rapidly under her cheek and they are both slick with sweat. Andy holds her tightly to him kissing her head and rubbing the small of her back loving the feel of her. Connie has never felt more safe, secure, or satisfied in her life.


Connie: (Lifting her head up and placing a light kiss on his lips she looks into his eyes) I think I could take a lifetime of this.


Andy: (Smiling and rubbing her back pulling her closer) That's good 'cuz I plan on hanging on to you for at least that long.


Connie: So, are you happy we're having a boy?


Andy: Yeah, how 'bout you? Are you happy?


Connie: Oh Andy, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am. I'm carrying our son. Can you believe it?


Andy: It's still pretty amazing to me too. You are amazing. (Caressing her face) You are so beautiful. I mean you're just... I don't know how to describe it but there's something about you. Sounds corny huh?


Connie: (Smiling) I like it when you sound corny. Speaking of corn, I'm starving. You really know how to work up a girl's appetite mister. Let's go check out those leftovers.


Andy: (Laughing) Geez, here I thought I was going to get some more lovin' and you're only thinking about food. I guess the honeymoons really over. (Patting her butt as he throws back the covers to reach for his robe) Let's go woman, I don't want you whining that I'm not taking care of all your needs.


Connie: (Pulling his face to look directly in his eyes) Hey mister I think you've been doing a damn fine job fulfilling all my needs. (Kissing him and placing his hand over her belly) Look what your hard work helped create. 


Andy: (Ending the kiss with a groan) Okay food first, then you can show me how grateful you are.


Connie: (Smiling) Deal.