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He's Funny Like That



Connie awakens to the aroma of coffee brewing. She opens her eyes and notices Andy is not there. She looks at the alarm clock and sees it has been turned off. She rolls over to look for Michelle and sees her sitting up and playing quietly in her crib.  

Connie: (Thinking to herself) Man, that coffee smells good. The last thing I remember is Andy rubbing my feet. I must have passed out from exhaustion. I love how his hands feel on me. What that man does to me. For a man as strong as he is, his touch can be sooo soothing.  

Andy comes into the room with a large tray. He has brought her breakfast in bed.  

Andy: Hay. 

Connie: Hay you, what time did you get up? 

Andy: A little while ago. 

Connie: What do you have there? 

Andy: Breakfast for my two favorite ladies. 

Connie: Really? 

Andy: Really. 

Andy has brought Connie some toast, a bowl of cereal, orange juice and a mug of coffee. He places the tray over her lap. He gets Michelle out of her crib and changes her diaper and puts on a fresh onesie. He checks her bottle to make sure itís not too hot and then the two of them slip into bed with Connie. Andy sits Michelle on his lap and gives her the bottle.  

Connie: What about Theo? 

Andy: Heís still sleeping. Heís ok. 

Connie: A massage last night, breakfast in bed this morning. Whatís up? 

Andy: Nothing, canít I just show you a little appreciation for puttiní up with me? 

Connie: Andy, itís not about putting up with someone. I love you. Youíve just had a few rough days is all. ( She has to be very careful as not to hurt his feelings) I donít ever want you to think you have to ďpay me backĒ for loving you. Iíll love you forever. Regardless of how many good days or bad days we have together.  

Andy: Itís not about paybacks. Itís about appreciation. Appreciation for you and all you do for me day in and day out. Never knowing when we go out on a call if it will be the last time we see each other. This life we lead Connie, makes me understand just how fragile out time is together.  

It hits her like a tun of bricks. He is still afraid. This man who is never intimidated by anyone, suddenly finds himself frightened by the unknown. She takes a large spoonful of cereal and chews it very slowly so she can think of what to say next. She looks at him with Michelle. If the skells could see him now. Playing ďThis Little PiggyĒ with her toes as he gives her a bottle. Connie decides to say nothing. Sometimes thatís the best way to go. Andy sits Michelle up and she lets out a small burp. He smiles at her.  

Andy: Ok little one. Letís go get Theo. and get ourselves ready. 

Andy gets up off the bed and starts to leave the room. 

Connie: Andy? 

Andy: Yeah? 

Connie: I love you and thank you. 

Andy: Love you too and youíre welcome.  

Everyone is in the LT. Office going over strategies on how to deal with Orlando. Andy glances up from his ďpaper workĒ every now and then to see what is going on. He wants to be in that room so bad.  

LT.: Greg, anything from BCI? 

Greg: One misdemeanor drug collar. 

LT.: What about gang affiliations? 

Baldwin: None. 

LT.: Whatís up with this guy? Whereís he from? Whoís he run with? He just didnít fall out of a tree and start messiní with Andy. Has he even asked for a lawyer? 

Connie: Nope. 

LT.: Any ideas? Any one? (He waits for a few seconds) All right, Jr. and Baldwin, you two take a shot at him and see what you come up with. The rest of you keep digging. 

Everyone returns to his or her desks.  

Andy: (To Jr.) Howíd it go in there? 

Jr.: We got nothing Andy. Baldwin and I are going to talk to Orlando now. Any suggestions? 

Andy: Any suggestions I may have may have you ending up like me. 

Jr.: Hang in there.  

Rita, Greg and Connie are digging through what little information they have. Jr. and Baldwin go to talk to Orlando. 

Jr.: Ok, Orlando, letís talk. 

Orlando: About what? You got nothiní man. 

Baldwin: I wouldnít be so sure of that. Weíve been talking to Alonzo. He has a lot to say. 

Orlando: You listen to that punk ass fool? 

Jr.: Your going away for a very long time. Tell us what happened and weíll see if we can help you. 

Orlando: Goiní away for what? J-walkiní? I donít thin so. 

Jr.: (Growing impatient with Orlandoís attitude) How about we start with murder. Then we got breaking and entering. Then we have carjacking and kidnapping and several beatings and a few counts of conspiracy. 

Orlando: Conspiracy? What do I look like, Oliver Stone? 

Baldwin: Your going to prison Orlando.

Orlando: Fine with me. Two hots and a cot. Free cable and dentalÖ 

Jr.: And some giant shoving his Johnson up your ass everyday. 

Orlando: I got protection---I got family. 

Jr.: Your protection and family wonít do you any good when the state puts a needle in your arm.  

Orlando: Yeah, right. Get out of my face man. 

Jr.: Listen to me Orlando, a man died. You may not have put the knife into him, but it was your idea that made it happen.  

Orlando: What? 

Baldwin: Its called acting in concert as part of a conspiracy. Thatís an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a purpose through illegal actions.  

Orlando: Hold on, hold onÖ..This wasnít my idea. 

Jr.: It donít matter. 

Baldwin: Maybe it does. Tell us whoís idea it was and maybe there will be a little wiggle room for you. 

Orlando: Take the needle off the table and Iíll think about it. 

Baldwin: We canít make any promises right now, weíll have to talk to the DA and see what they have to say.  

Jr.: All right (grabbing Orlando by the scruff of his neck) get in the cage. Think about it. 

Orlando: You all do the same right? 

Jr.: Whatever. 

Jr. and Baldwin report back to LT. On their talk with Orlando. Greg comes in to join them. 

Greg: Excuse me boss, we got the phone dumps back from Orlandoís phone. There was four calls to up state New York. The Wende Correctional Facility.

LT.: Who the hell is up there? 

Baldwin: Thatís probably what Orlando is thinking about. 

Jr.: He did say he had protection. 

LT.: Get Andy in here.  

Greg: I think heís in the bathroom. 

LT.: Go get him please? 

Greg goes to the locker room. Andy is washing his hands.  

Greg: Ah, Andy? The boss wantís to see you.  

Andy: I am allowed to piss, ainít I? 

Greg: We just got the phone dumps back. Calls placed up state New York, a Wende Correctional Facility. Ring any bells?? 

Andy looks confused for a second or two, then its clear. 

Andy: Son of a bitch. 

They head to the LT. Office, 

LT.: Ant ideas about this? 

Andy: Jr. and I worked this case a while back. Remember. The gay guy who would house young Spanish men fresh from prison? 

Jr.: Yeah, Neil, Neil, something. I canít think of his name right now. Let me go look it up. 

Andy: No, wait. We questioned one guy, which led us to Rikres and that rat prick Idalo. I offered to have him moved from Attica to Sing Sing so he could be closer to his family. Only if he helped us find who murdered this Neil guy. 

LT.: And? 

Andy: All Idalo did was jerk us off all day. Turns out Idalo sent some guy to this Neilís apartment to look for a safe that didnít exist. The guy got pissed and ended up killiní Neil. It was Idalo plan all along to have Neil killed. It all went back to Idalo. So, I had him sent up state as far away from his family as possible.  

No one makes eye contact with Andy. This was the quintessential case of your past coming back to bite you in the ass. Andyís embarrassment fills the room. He doesnít know what to say or do and hopes someone will say something soon. 

Baldwin: Anyways, what do we do with Orlando now? 

LT.: Throw Idaloís name at him and see what kind of reaction you get from him.  

Baldwin and Jr. go back to question Orlando again. Andy goes back to his desk. He looks around the squad room at everyone working. He feels like a fool. Heíd like to crawl in a hole and die. 

Connie: Hay, you ok? 

Andy: I feel like a dickhead is all. 

Connie: Andy, you.. 

Andy: Please Connie, no more excuses. What made me think I could, I couldÖ. 

Connie: Andy, stop it. ( She nods for him to meet her in the locker room) 

Andy: Better make it quick, donít want the boss lookiní for me. Christ knows Iím in enough trouble. 

Connie walks over to him and lays a kiss on him. A serious tonsil hockey kind of kiss. At first he tries to push her away, but then gives in. She knows that yelling at him wont do any good. Even if she tries to talk to him, heíll just turn it into an argument. She didnít want that. All she wanted was for him to shut up and think for a minute. Her plan worked out very well. When they came up for air he was speechless. She just held onto him until he relaxed. He finally let out a large sigh and hugged her back.  

Andy: (Whispering in her ear) What was that all about? 

Connie: It needed doing. 

Andy: Yeah, huh? 

Connie takes a half step back, fixes his tie and walks out of the room. Andy returns to his desk. Itís hard for him to believe, but his mind is actually clear. He decides to make a phone call. 

Andy: Det. Sipowicz, can I speak to Kurt Kryser please? (He waits for a minute) 

Kurt: Andy, how are you? Everything ok? 

Andy: Yeah. Kurt, Iím calliní to check on a pal of mine. Idalo Tavarez. 

Kurt: Andy, I told you that would be taken care of. Whatís the problem? 

Andy: Could you do me a quick favor, and see if he is where he suppose to be? 

Kurt: Iíll have to get back to you. End of business today good with you? 

Andy: Absolutely. Thanks. You have my number here at the house? 

Kurt: Yeah. The 1-5 right? 

Andy: Yeah, thanks again. 

Kurt: No problem. 

Andy hangs up and takes a walk to the observation room to see how Jr. and Baldwin are making out with Orlando. He lifts up the shade. This is the first time he has laid eyes on Orlando Abreu. 

Andy: (Thinking to himself) This is the miserable prick that was out to get me? 

He thought he would be frightened by the sight of him. The one who was coming after him and his family. There was no heart pounding. There was no cold sweets. He felt nothing. He turned on the speaker box.  

Baldwin: (Opening the cage) Ok, Orlando, whatís it gonna be? 

Orlando: First, this was not my idea. All right, we clear on that part? 

Jr.: whose idea was it then? 

Orlando: See, this part is what has me in Gods little green acre. East of the rock, west of the hard place. This is family Iím dealiní with here. I donít know that I can. 

Jr.: Then itís all gonna fall on you.  

Orlando sits and thinks about his situation. He is biting his nails and looking around. He must have been thinking too long because Jr. kicks Orlandoís chair and almost sends him on his ass. 

Orlando: YO! What the hellís wrong with you? I need to think. 

Jr.: Youíve had all morning! 

Orlando: This is my life, bitch!! 

Jr.: What life? 

Orlando: Your startiní to get on my last nerveÖbig time. 

Jr. and Orlando stand toe to toe. Baldwin puts himself between them 

Jr.: You know what, Iím outta here. (Pointing to Baldwin) You gonna put up with this shit? 

Baldwin shrugs his shoulders. Jr. leaves the room and goes to the observation window. 

Jr.: Hay Andy. Whatís going on? 

Andy: Whyíd you leave the room? 

Jr.: Baldwin and Orlando got something going on. I would only be in the way. Orlando was only gonna sit and stew while I was in the room. 

Andy looks at Jr. from the corner of his eye and realizes how much he has learned in these few years. Andy knows Jr. is gonna be a fine detective in this world. 

Orlando: That one needs to learn a little respect. 

Baldwin: Heís just not as patient as I am. Me, I got all day.(Baldwin leans back in his chair and folds his arms across his chest). When ever youíre ready. 

Orlando: Iím gonna need a little help with this. 

Baldwin: What are we talkiní about? 

Orlando: Itís family, man. 

Baldwin: Father, mother, brotherÖÖ..what? 

Orlando: NOÖ.FAMILY. 

Baldwin: Explain it to me. 

Orlando: Oh, man, IÖ. 

Baldwin: (Looking at Orlando with deep respect) Orlando, do you mean youíre a ďmade guyĒ?  

Orlando: (Taking notice of Baldwinís attitude) Yeah, well I guessÖ 

Baldwin: (Nodding his head) I see. 

Orlando: I need to be far away from this person---ok? 

Baldwin: (Looking deep into Orlandoís eyes) Talk to me. 

Orlando: (Taking a deep breath) Heís my cousin. His reach is long and sometimes wide. Iíve been doing some work for him while heís in prison.  

Baldwin: And where would that be? 

Orlando: Iím not real sure. I know itís up state somewheres. See, thatís how this whole thing got started. He pissed off some cop and the cop had him sent up state instead of down here in the city where he could see his family. Now the cousin is all pissed off and wants this cop to pay for what he did. 

Baldwin: Pay? What do you mean by pay? 

Orlando: I was suppose to find this cop and beat him to within a pubic hair of his life. Me, I donít like the sight of blood. So thatís when I decided to get Lopez and Vasquez to do the dirty work for me. But those two couldnít find their ass holes if you tied their hands behind their backs. Not my best move, huh? 

Baldwin: Itíll probably doom you to middle management. 

Orlando: What? 

Baldwin: Never mind. Orlando, I still need a name. You give me a name and I can start to help you. Iíll talk to the DA and help you with your statement. What do you say Orlando? Shall we get to work?  

Orlando: Heís my cousin, Idalo Tavarez. 

Baldwin: Good job Orlando. (Standing up to get him some paper and a pen) Now lets get it down on paper and we can go to work. 

Andy: Good job. Both of you. 

Jr.: Thanks Andy. 

As Andy returns to his desk, Sally hands him a message slip. It is from Kurt Kryser. Andy looks around the squad room and sees there are too many people around. He goes to his desk and gathers some papers together and a few empty folders. 

Andy: (To Connie) Iím gone up to Anti-Crime for a few minutes. Let the boss know if heís lookiní for me. 

Connie: Yeah, will do. 

Up in Anti-Crime Andy pokes around for an empty room. He calls Kurt back.  

Andy: Yeah, Kurt. I was surprised to hear from you so soon. Whatís up? 

Kurt: Your pal is heading down to your neck of the woods for the next few days.

Heís slated to testify against some drug dealers. Heís lookiní to shave a little time off his stay with the state. 

Andy: I thought he was in for life? Howís that work? 

Kurt: Andy, you know and I know, life doesnít always mean life these days. Really, what do you want with this guy? 

Andy: Just keeping tabs is all. Whereís he stayiní while heís in town? 

Kurt: Rikers. He should be there sometime late this afternoon or by dinner time tonight. 

Andy: Kurt, I owe you. Anytime. Anything. 

Kurt: Be careful with this guy Andy, understand?? 

Andy: Yeah. Thanks again. 

Andy takes a minute to think things over. Should he just let things be? Is this a scab worth picking? No and yes. Andy wants to see Idalo and let him know he didnít win. What happens when Andy sees Idalo? Thatís a problem. He closes his eyes and swears to himself he wonít lay hands on Idalo. Ok, heíll do his best not to lay hands on Idalo. Andy goes back to his desk. Baldwin comes into the squad room. 

Andy: Nice interview Baldwin. 

Baldwin: Thanks Andy. 

Connie: What were you doing up stairs? 

Andy: Paper work. The number one reason I became a detective. 

Connie: Do you want to get some lunch? 

Andy: Yeah that would be nice. 

They went to the hot dog cart on the corner. They ate their lunch in the playground across the street from the station house. There was no talk of work. That was a small rule they had agreed on. Whenever they got time alone, absolutely no shoptalk. Their times alone were to valuable to be spent that way.  

Connie: Oh, donít forget Theo. has soccer practice tonight. 

Andy: Ah, do you think you can take him tonight.  

Connie: Ok. 

Andy: I told Katie I would stop by and check on her apartment for her. Sheís still a little skittish about going home. Her sister called me yesterday and told me she thinks Katie should get some help. Iím gonna talk to her about it. Her and John should go together. So Iíll probably be late tonight. 

Connie: Youíre a good man Andy Sipowicz. Overall Katie is doing better? 

Andy: Physically she doiní better. Itís the mental part thatís gonna take some time. 

He tries to look Connie in the eyes, but canít. Heís lying to her, sort of. He was going to Katieís apartment and he was going to talk to her about getting help. He just left out the part about going to see Idalo. 

Andy: Hay, we should be gettingí back. 

Connie: (Giving him a kiss on the check) I love you. 

Andy: I love you too. Letís go. 

Back inside, they see Valerie Haywood in the LT. Office along with Jr. Baldwin, Greg and Rita. 

Andy: You better get yourself in there. 

Connie: Theyíll be fine. Iíll catch up in a minute. 

Val: Ok, let me get this straight; We have Garcia Lopez and Alonzo Vasquez for the murder of Gabriel DeJesus and a laundry list of offences on John Irvin and Kati Sipowicz.  

LT.: Right. 

Val: Now on Orlando Abrue, we have all sorts of conspiracy charges, along with a murder charge.  

Baldwin: Right, he was hired by Idalo Tavarez. 

Greg: Heís the one up state doiní life on a previous murder charge.  

Valerie looks over the paper work trying to keep the player straight.  

Val: How did John and Katie come into play? 

Everyone falls silent looking to the LT. To tell her about it. 

LT.: Idalo had a grudge against Andy. That was his way of gettingí back at Andy.  

Val: (Looking confused) I donít think there should be any problem with this. Iíll run it by my boss, but I think the charges should stick. 

LT: Good, thanks for your time. 

Everyone leaves the office. Val hangs back.

Val: LT. is there anything else I should know? 

LT.: Like what? 

Val: Like why wasnít Task Force or IAB in charge of this case? 

LT.: We decided to handle it in-house. That is why we asked for you. 

Val: I canít promise you anything, I have to run this by the book and see my boss. 

LT.: Iím not askiní you for any special favors, Valerie. We also went by the book. These are good charges. 

Val: Ok, then. Iíll take this to my boss and Iíll be in touch with you as soon as I hear from him. 

LT.: Thanks Valerie. 

The rest of the day was spent getting people to central booking and finishing up whatever paper work there was. Greg and Baldwin were the first to head out for the night. 

Greg: You know partner, God must have loved stupid. 

Baldwin: Yeah, whys that? 

Greg: Because he made so much of it. 

Baldwin: Well, it does keep us in a job. Night all. 

Greg: Yeah, night guys. 

Connie: What time you going to Katieís? 

Andy: In a bit. I just have to finish up here. 

Connie: Ok, Iíll see you at home. 

Andy: Yep. 

Connie: Careful driving tonight. 

Andy: I love you too.

They smile at each other. 

Rita: Ready? 

Connie: Yeah. Ritaís gonna give me a ride home so you can use the car. 

Andy: Good. Thanks Rita. 

Rita: No problem. 

Jr. comes out of the locker room. 

Jr.: Sucks huh? 

Andy: Thatís one way of looking at it. 

Jr.: Hang in thereÖÖonly nine more days. 

Andy: Now thereís a reason to get out of bed in the morning. 

Jr.: Night Andy. 

LT.: Jr., you got plans for tonight? 

Jr.: Just some laundry and the ballgame. 

LT.: I got an extra ticket for the Golden Gloves Boxing tournament in the Bronx. My nephew is on the card tonight. Want to go? 

Jr.: Yeah, sounds great. What time? 

LT.: Iíll pick you up at say 7? 

Jr.: Great, see you then. 

LT. Takes a seat at Jr. desk and looks over at Andy. 

LT.: Blows huh? 

Andy: Yeah, Jr. was just sayiní the same thing. 

LT.: Iím sorry Andy. 

Andy: (Avoiding eye contact) Your just doiní your job. No apology nessary.

LT.: Iíll wait to hear from ADA Haywood. If everything turns out ok, Iíll cut it back to five days. Youíre too valuable a detective to be sittiní around here all day. 

Andy: (Looking at LT.) Thank you. 

LT. stands to leave.  

Andy: How was breakfast this morning?  

LT.: It went well. 

Andy: Ant repercussions from yesterday? 

LT.: No, not too much. 

Andy: (Looking over his glasses) How bad? 

LT.: Nothing I canít handle. 

Andy: Because of me, youíre gettingí your shoes squeezed. 

LT.: Andy, relax, it all worked out. 

Andy: I know Iíve been sayiní this a lot the past few days, but I am sorry for this mess. (Andy stands and extends his hand to LT.) I appreciate all you have done for me. (The two men shake hands) 

LT.: Night Andy. 

Andy: Night boss. 

After Andy was done at Katieís apartment he drove to Rikers. He sat in the parking lot and called Officer Celia Campos. Andy and Jr. had worked on the murder case of her good friend Linda. Celia liked Andy because he treated Lindaís case with dignity. She told him if he ever need her help in the future she would be available to do so. 

Andy: I would like to speak to Office Celia Campos. (He waits for her to get to the phone) 

Celia: Officer Campos. 

Andy: Itís Andy Sipowicz. 

Celia: (There is a few seconds of dead air) Yes, detective? 

Andy: I need your help. 

Celia meets Andy at the main desk. Andy explains to her his situation.  

Andy: Alls I need is five minutes alone with him. 

Celia: Detective, you do realize he is scheduled to testify tomorrow? If he shows up in court all beat to hell, its gonna come back to me. 

Andy: I would never put you in a jackpot situation. Youíll have to trust me on this one. 

Celia looks into Andyís eyes and takes a minute to think. 

Celia: Iím trusting you to do the right thing. Iíll need a few minutes to get things situated. 

Andy: I understand, Iíll wait right here. 

Celia: No, come with me to the holding cell. So thereís no record of your visit, Iíll need to hold your gun. 

Andy hands over his gun and cuffs. She leaves Andy in the cell while she goes to get Idalo. Andy is pacing around the cell. He never thought he would become this way. Afraid. The fear in his heart spreads through his body. He canít run away. He has to meet what he is afraid of to find out what he is made of. He hears the door to the cell open. He has his back to the door.  

Idalo: What the fuck, lady? I ainít supposed to be here. 

Celia: Shut the hell up and sit down. 

Idalo: I want my lawyer. 

Celia: Yeah, well, I want a house in the Hamptons. Five minutes, detective. Clear? 

Andy: (Still with his back to the situation) Absolutely. 

Idalo: Dectective? 

Andy: Yeah, detective.

Idalo: Is that you, BITCH? 

Andy closes his eyes and bites his lower lip so hard he can taste blood. He is trying to control the rage instead of the rage controlling him. He knows this rage inside him could kill. He turns to face Idalo. 

Andy: Yep, here I am. Alive and well. 

Andy walks slowly over to where Idalo is sitting. He wants to look into the eyes of this monster. The monster that came in the night to do harm to his loved ones. Andy stares into Idaloís eyes. He notices little bead of sweet forming on Idalo's upper lip. 

Andy: Here I am. 

Idalo: What you want old man? 

Andy: (Getting nose to nose with Idalo) I want to kill you so bad, my dick is hard. 

Idalo: You like us Spanish boys, huh? That what you want old man? 

Andy: (Whispering) I want you to live a long and healthy life, so everyday you wake up youíll remember, Iím still here. I want you to know, that when you get back to the ďice boxĒ, youíll be put into solitary confinement, so everyday you wake up in your 9x12 hellhole, youíll know I put you there. I want you to know, however long you think your reach is, mine is ten times longer. Iíll be your death. I told you before dickhead, wrong cop. 

Idelo closes his eyes and swallows hard. He starts to piss himself. 

Andy: (Still whispering) Open you eyes and look at me. Remember this face. Remember these eyes for the rest of your miserable fuckiní life. Everyday Idalo, everyday. 

Andy walks away from Idalo. 

Andy: On the gate. 

Celia comes and opens the gate for Andy. He takes one more look at Idalo. 

Andy: (To Celia) Heís gonna need a change of clothes. 

Andy arrives home at nine. Connie has just put Michelle down for the night. Theo is watching television.  

Theo: Daddy! Where you been all night? 

Andy: I was over seeiní Aunt Katie. 

Theo: When can I go and see Aunt Katie? 

Andy: Soon. Sheís not feeliní too good right now. Maybe you should give her a call. That would cheer her up. 

Theo: Now? 

Andy: No, tomorrow. Aunt Katie is in bed where you should be. 

Connie: (Giving Andy a kiss on the cheek) Hay, howíd everything go? 

Andy: Good. 

Theo: I was helping mommy tonight and she said I could stay up a little later because I was such a big help. 

Connie: (Giving Theo a hug) Yes you were little man. But it is getting late, so go brush your teeth and get ready for bed.  

Theo: (Giving Connie and Andy a hug and a kiss) All right. 

Andy: Go on squirt, Iíll meet you in the bathroom and you can tell me all about practice tonight. 

Connie: Can I get you something to eat? 

Andy: Yeah, sounds good. Whatever you got handy. 

Connie goes into the kitchen to fix Andy a bowl of soup and a sandwich. Andy and Theo are discussing their day. After Theo is done and in bed Andy returns to the bathroom to wash up before he eats. He looks at himself in the mirror. Should he tell Connie about tonight? No. All he wants tonight is to be with her. All he wants is to be with someone good. He meets her in the kitchen. 

Andy: Smells great. Thanks. 

Connie: No problem. Howís Katie?

Andy fills her in and keeps it short. 

Andy: How was your night? How was practice? 

Andy enjoys the sound of her voice. He listens only to the voice, not what she is saying. He loves to watch her body motions and hand jester as she recounts her night. He helps her to clean up and they plop on the sofa to catch the beginning of the early news. He catches Connie nodding off. 

Andy: Hay, letís go to bed. Weíll be more comfortable there. 

Connie: Yeah, good idea. 

Andy: Iíll lock up and be right in. 

Connie: Donít be too long. ( With a sassy smile) 

Connie goes to the bathroom to get herself ready for bed. Andy locks up and checks on Theo. Andy will sleep well tonight knowing all the monsters are locked away. He goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He looks at himself in the mirror. A walk through hell ainít bad compared to what heís been through. He gives himself a half smile. Because he knows thereís what goes through your head and then thereís what shows in your actions. He now knows the difference. Connie is sitting on the bed setting the alarm clock. She is wearing one of Andyís old NYPD t-shits. Her hair is pulled back. Andy comes in, sits down next to her and falls back to stretch out. 

Connie: You ok? 

Andy: Yeah, just drained is all. 

Connie: You plan on sleeping in those clothes? 

Andy: Iíll get changed in a minute. I just want to stretch out my back.  

Connie: Iíll help you. 

She kneels on the floor and starts to untie Andyís shoes. He leans up on his elbows. 

Andy: Connie? 

Connie: Yeah? 

Andy: I did something tonight thatÖ. 

Connie: (Before he can finish) I know Andy. 

Andy: Know what? 

Connie: What you did. 

Andy: Iím not talkiní about Katie. 

Connie: I know. 

Andy: How? 

Connie: It doesnít take five hours to check out someoneís apartment. I also know when you plan to get even with someone; you are only letting that person continue to hurt you. (Taking off his socks) So, letís just leave it at that. 

Andy: Iím sorry I lied to you. 

Connie: Iíll let you slid this time. 

He sits up and takes her face into his hands. He needs her gentle kiss. He needs her soft touch. He looks into her glistening eyes. Connie gives him that smile. When she does that, it melts his heart. Only she can relive him from his pain.  

Andy: The way you comfort me is amazing.  

He kisses her with love, respect and reverence. He looks into her eyes, undoes her hair and holds her head to his chest. She can feel his arousal on her stomach. She leans back a bit to unbuckle his belt. He reaches down taking her t-shirt off. She helps him to unbutton his shirt. He gently cups her breast in his hands. Softly, Connie strokes Andyís chest. They stand together and hug. While his strong hands massage her back, she takes his paints off. He slides his hand along her side and slips his fingers between her panties and lets them fall to the floor.  







Connie can feel the wetness inside her thighs as their flesh collides. They fall back onto the bed. He kisses her face, neck and shoulders. He makes a delicacy of her skin. With his tongue, he traces down to her breast and feeds on her nipples till they are rigid. He makes a narrow and moist path to her pubic hair. He lets his breath blow warm air over her. She is shivering with excitement. He kisses up her right thigh and down her left. She is trying to get her lips to touch his tongue. He avoids that move by kissing her thighs again. He uses his finger to open her lips wide and sticks his tongue deep inside her. Connie is no longer coherent. Her body is spastic upon the bed as his tongue moves in and out and all around. As Connie reaches the crest of her excitement she lets out a soft and deep moan. He slowly works his way back to her breast while his mustache and warm breath tickles her skin. The sweet alluring aroma of sex fills the air. 

Andy kneels before her and spreads her legs. He is hard erect and taut. As he enters her, they lock eyes. Each seeing into the othersí soul. He is her protector. She is his angle who walks upon the ground. Their rhythm starts in slow and easy. Each of them not wanting it to end. He feels like he will loose control if he keeps looking at her. He closes his eyes and concentrates on the task of pleasing Connie. She reaches up to take hold of his face.  

Connie: (In a whisper) Andy, look at me. 

His movement starts to throb. 

Connie: Andy, donít hold back. Let go. 

He looks into her eyes and allows himself to spill into her. She feels his warm juices and joins him in climax. The love they make is deep and true. When all is done, he rest his head on her chest and hears her heart beat for him alone. 

Tonight in this world, there are people getting what they need.

Tonight in this world, there are people getting what they deserve.