Comcast's Webpage.

Wow, someone bothered to visit! This site is all about the Transformer I roleplay in an online MUSH, Comcast, the Red Seeker. He's your typical F-15 Decepticon a la so many others in his faction. Here is his function, as it is on the Mush.

Roleplaying with Comcast:
Some notes for those who care.
  • Comcast always uses attack as a last resort, when it comes to Cybertronians. Humans, he just doesn't care about. But Comcast would only harm another Transformer if their continued interference meant a breach to his mission, or the general betterment of the Decepticons.
  • He prefers the company of fellow Seekers, in favour of other Decepticons. He isn't stupid, however, merely naeve. If you're a Seeker who irritates/snubs/attacks Comcast, he is still going to hate you. Otherwise, generally, he tries to not be hated by other Decepticons, if less than totally trusting of his number.
  • Comcast is still relatively 'new' to this world. He doesn't know the names of many of the Transformers, although he knows the basics. He definately feels more comfortable in the old times, serving Megatron and Shockwave. If you are an OC who wants to know me from waaay back when on Cybertron up till 1million years after the Bots and Cons first left for earth) page me.

    Click here for loggy goodness. More to come as I get around to it.

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