Year Built: 1924
Weight: 25 Tonne
Location: Bush Tramway Club, Pukemiro
Status: Stored awaiting restoration
Acquired for Preservation: 1960

1924 - 1960     Ellis & Burnand Ltd, Ongarue
1960 - 1969     J. Melse, Mangapehi
1969 - Bush Tramway Club, Pukemiro

Photo right shows 1650 at number 9 Camp, on Ellis & Burnands Ongarue tramway. Photo: Percy Godber, Alexander Turnbull Library

1650 worked all of its life for Ellis and Burnand at their Ongarue mill. 1650 was the mainstay of the Ellis and Burnand fleet and wsa used as a shuttle between the log skids in the bush and the mill. All of Ellis and Burnand's loco had electric lighting and the Climax's were no exception. The reason for the lighting was that Ellis and Burnand had early starts and late finishes which neccessitated in some night running. In the late 1950's the railfan movement was coming of age and a couple of trips were arranged with Ellis and Burnand. The railfans went out into the bush behind 1650, and spent a day filming. It was through Peter Mellor that this trip was organised.

In 1960, 1650 was the last Climax to be used activley in cartage of timber out of the bush to the mill. Although the honour of being the last operational Climax goes to 1203, which was used to haul the sawm timber from the mill to the NZR siding.

Stored Ongarue
Today at Pukemiro
Photo: Peter Hill
Heisler 1082, Climax's 1650 & 1203
Photo: Bob Mann