Promoting the Flying of Our New Zealand Flag

and Pride in New Zealand

“Since 1869”

The New Zealand Flag is the symbol of the country and people. It is the visible representation of our nation.


New Zealander's have fought and died, participated in international sporting events, and represented the country in myriad other ways, under our flag.

There is today much hostility and conflict between

countries and within communities. Rather than dwell on negative influences, we can embrace with pride the

 positive- our shared history and culture. The New

Zealand Flag has been our distinctive national emblem since 1869.

New Zealander's have much to be proud of. Our flag both instils pride, and symbolises the pride in our country felt by our people. Unfortunately too many younger New Zealander's in particular have no knowledge of the history and symbolism of our flag.

The New Zealand Flag Institute's primary aim is to

educate New Zealander's about the history and symbolism of the flag. The Institute also aims to encourage our

citizens to understand and appreciate what our flag stands for. We also encourage New Zealander's to fly the flag

whenever and wherever possible.

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