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Web Log below! Also called a BLOG


Gateway (a dominant PC manufacturer in NZ) has decided to embark on a game oriented PC called the 700X. Check out one of the msn sites for more details or look up reuters yourself. I personally can't wait for the K8T800 chipset to arrive in motherboards, but I guess that's a way away yet. VIA has released press info here Perhaps you'd like RAID and SATA built into the southbridge?
Have YOU had trouble with a DELL pc? I haven't, but this poor madam certainly has. Check out her story all over the web but Inquirer has it covered. The Voodoo5 6000 never was released, but a few sample copies made it out of the labs and a few privileged people have reviewed some of these aged silicon models. Try for the comparisons. Or visit Atomic Magazine and look up 'ElvIsAlive'. heh.
Check out this site and it's cool links or if not then just this web page for optimising your GeForce4Ti4200. Quite a cool program that I've used myself for a year or two (on and off albeit). highly recommended ABC news has for years been 'testing' Americas customs/internal security officials with depleted Uranium cargo from various countries to USA. Well another radioactive transportation is occuring in WASPS, yes those africanising beasty type things that sting. Well, not really.
Since Microsoft has lost a few countries to a linux OS distribution there have been many hot on the heals of a Lindows like OS and here's another one: ReactOS Get in the game with a pair of Xeons under your hood! No! Seriously: GamePC takes a look
Here's a review highly anticipated as the AMD Opteron Processors become available. The rivals are predominantly VIA and nVidia's nForce3 The importance of wireless technology in Europe these days is without degree so any advancement like this one is worth a gander.
Xbox just keeps getting more expensive for Microsoft with news here and results at The Register showing lawsuit won by Immersion Technology over Patent Infringements AppleMac G5s are NOT the first 64-bit processors to market AFTER-ALL as The Inquirer puts their views up on the web, however analysts say G5 is competitive with PCs
An inside and technical look at what goes on when you're activating Windows XP which even gives you the tools to try it for yourself .. nice guys at Are you game? Well the game folks over at sure are and their comparison of (ahem) desktop xeons -for the hardcore gamer of course- with the P4 3.06C and Barton 3200+ numbers provided just for fun..
Gigabyte brings out their first nForce2 board and its a kicker Gigabyte 7NNXP nForce2 board. Gigabyte 7VT600 gets scrutiny from over their VIA KT600 implementation and a chipset state-of-affairs.
Vote RIGGING? It hasn't disappeared, and is in fact thriving in the US according to Bev Harris. INQUIRER first published THIS article. Research in New Zealand on US DIEBOLD Election Systems implicates Microsoft Access shows dodgy stuff could have occurred on vote night! THE CDs. Ever thought of a PC in your Sun Microsystem? Well, nothing under the Sun could have prepared you for this add-in PCI slot card. It's a FULL PC on an IC including the important bits like VPU, CPU, NB+SB, and a whole range of other features found on most modern motherboards. Check it here.
Ever wondered when nVidia is getting around to finding the right chipset for nForce3? Well here's the newbie board from ASUStek and the review provided by AMDZone. Scroll down three pages to find the latest info on AMDs new Thorton CHIP as it seems to have been relabeled as Athlon FX. Adrians Rojakpot has the scoop.
Say goodbye P C I. Hello PCI Express. Take a look at Anandtech for an overview. We all knew it would happen. VIA gives a heads up to Intel with their PT800 chipset..
Heres a look at the new Barton 2500+ overclock experience! AMD ZONE show over voltage and under voltage performance. AMD schedule 65 nanometer wafer research with IBM on 25% faster transistors.
Sony brings us all the good stuff and this ones a surprise... Microsoft has another problem on the P4 HT PCs.
New technology MRAM is set to overtake the DRAM market in the not so distant future. Next AMD chip the Athlon 64 is due out September. And with it the Longhorn OS???
It may take two years to produce CURRENT technology limits of 1.25 terabyte capacity hard disks using carbon-nanotube on silicon wafers. New Scientist monitors the progress. You heard about MSI dynamically overclocking their systems recently, well check out the Intel 865PE mods which are reportedly like the ATI Radeon 9500 non-Pro flash-upgradeable to Radeon 9700 non-Pro.
How about replacing your dentures with a new set of pincers? Japanese Researchers are now attempting to pull stem cells from deciduous teeth to regenerate and/or replace your lost teeth. Expected to yield 10 million yen in first year of operation. Warner gives a warning to it's employees to watch their song sharing.
Our beloved microsoft has discovered a problem with Internet Explorer (ho hum, not again) but with surprisingly little detail. A few links away the culprit files are urlmon.dll and shdocvw.dll amongst other things. A new Bugbear virus Bugbear.B has it's eye on Banks and their users. Check frequently for virus definition file updates from your anti-virus vendor.
Would you look at the pretty thing MSI has brought out ... it's using AMD chipset and is available right now but a hefty price... I guess they got a shipment as it was passing through my little home of NZ huh? In New Zealand recently, the US company Tranzrail is in debt and has asked for bids from prospective buyers to sell it's NZ assets. In 1993 Tranzrail bought NZ's rail system for ~$370 million, of which $1 was offered for the tracks and structures. The NZ Govt is offering $75.8 million for 1/3 the company and to buy back rights - of that $1 for the tracks and structures.
The latest AMD ROADMAP addition (being the server class Opteron processor) had a troubled launch. Now THIS is a flashy rig, with nForce3 and Opteron in the mix it's bound to be a winner right? Let's hope.
Sony PlayStation has followed up with a sister console to it's brother the PS2 -called PSX and this one has a DVD burner to boot! Call it PS2.5 they say. This is hot on the heals of PSP Looking to improve your pen flipping abilities? your basketball net or your dexterity?? Play MEis the urge ... go on, I know you can hear it...
A quick update on the nVidia debate over their 44.03 drivers Quantum Entanglement seems impressive ... especially with SUB atomic particles (electrons)... and this flumoxed Einstein?
Everyones a bit MIFFED at Microsoft for their most annoying 'fix' (patch) for their windows firewall in XP and later Windows Versions... Ever heard of genetic machinery? The first Genetic Machine has been produced in a lab using ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) as energy.
Carbon Nanotubes on Silicon chips for NASA research may extend silica use in CPUs for another 10 years. Check here for the latest graphics hardware review -the nVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra. This beast should pack some punch when nVidia bothers to get some decent and non-fudging drivers for it's NV35 core.
Intel's new Canterwood CPU and its necessary i875 chipset stipulates 800MHz FSB (266 MHz over their P4-B i850E 533 chipset). Check bit-tech for a quick squiz. New Scientist RE-POST of data which they no-longer hold on their server >> facts regarding chimpanzee and human DNA compared... in fact it seems they only keep 2 years history of articles... wow!