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Hey people ... welcome to my little website homepage thingy. its been a while since ive done anything to this site .. so now is a good time to start doing a bit more to it , Well if you dont know who i am ... we should probably start there . My name is kelly pont  ( top name )  HeHe   im a 22 year old wippersnapper ... born in New zealand & concurrently living in Australia where ive been for the past 20 years .

I am a easy going type of person .. normally get along with evryone i meet , except for the occasional ASSHOLE'S yah get . But that is life these days right ??  exelent , moving right along then .. spose i should tell u what ive got in this website of mine now . Well most of it is plenty of pages of pictures and photo's of my friends & family .. good times and bad times .. and you will prolly get a good laugh out of most of it , to tell u the truth.

There is 15 or more pages of pics, games, free shit and loads of other stuff if ur tricky enough to find it ;)  well im pretty muched stumped for words at the moment, so im gonna rap it up there for today LOL ..   if ur keen enough .. click on the "next page"  arrow down the bottom and that will take u thru the rest of my website . 

cheers, kelly & sam

( last updated ) 20/10/2003
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