Just where in blazes am I?


I could tell you that, but then we'd both go to jail.

Okay, that's not likely, but while I can snap pictures of the surrounding countryside and villages to my heart's content, the Ministry of Defense frowns on my snapping pictures of RAF Digby itself -- so I've posed this compromise for you: You can look at these pictures I've begun to collect of the area. It's quite a beautiful place, if you like farmland, rural towns, and age-old buildings.

The style I've adopted for other pages works here as well: You can click on a picture to enlarge it. The enlarged picture will appear in a separate window. I hope that this prevents the problem you might have had with being faced with a lengthy download every time you hit the 'back' button to see the main page again. Just get rid of the window showing the enlarged picture; the previous page should still be on your screen.

Within spittin' distance

Ashby de la Launde | Bloxholm | Digby | Kirkby Green | Ruskington | Scopwick |

Up the road a bit


Multimap is a really handy map tool that'll show you any place in the UK -- just give it a placename or a post code.

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