The O-Folk in the South of England

Greetings, Earthlings!

I figured there couldn't be a better way to introduce our latest travel photos than with this shot of Barb, looking lovely as usual, and I, looking like a pompous git, posed at the top of Mermaid Street in Rye.

We have so little time left in the UK, and there is still so much that we haven't seen, that we hardly know how to see what little we still can. What we did this time, we just jumped in the car and drove south, partly because that's an area that Barb and Tim haven't seen before, and partly because I've always wanted to visit the Normandy coast and would kick myself for the rest of my life if I left Europe and hadn't gone there. We had the roughest ideas of what we wanted to see; we figured that we'd head for the attractions we were most interested in, and if we saw something along the way and had the extra time, we'd stop for that, too. That's just what we ended up doing, and for the most part it worked well.

I have to admit that we broke both the rules of travelling: "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints." We left all kinds of things: umbrellas, bottles of soap, flashlights. It seemed as though a day didn't go by that Barb didn't ask me, or I didn't ask her, "Have you seen the ... ?" Our path was practically strewn with items from our luggage. We would've had no trouble at all following the trail back home. As for the second rule, I cheated and scooped a bottle of sand off Omaha beach. I figure the French have a little to spare.

Our trip is parcelled out, a page for each day, to make viewing more easy, and the pictures on each page are thumbnails, meaning that if you click on it, a larger version with much more detail will open up in a separate window for your viewing pleasure. More detail means that it will take a while for slower browsers to download, so keep that in mind.

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