Dave O Re-enlists For Another Four!

This could be proof that I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Here we are again in the Sector Operations Museum at RAF Digby, to perform yet another ancient American military rite, the Enlistment Ceremony.


Yes, once again, against everything you might call common sense, I've re-upped for another tour in the US Air Force. I pretty much had to, if I wanted to go to Misawa, which I do, so I raised my hand and uttered those fateful words once again, "I, state your name, do swear or affirm ... "

I don't know how my boyish smile mutated into a straight-line dumbschmuck smirk, but I thought you'd enjoy it. The Captain didn't say what he thought of it.

"These are the men of Detachment One you've heard so much about ... " My co-workers, obviously in awe of my brilliant rendition of the Oath of Enlistment, attend the ceremony. From left to right: the left side of Randy Shaver, Stevie Herrin, Steve Holsonback, David Schmoll, Stephen Elliott, Tim Smith, Dave Arnzen's nose and some of his hair, and Brian Day.

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