The Friends Of Our Pal, Al dedicate this to the Foopa Poobah
I don't get no respeck

... because otherwise this guy just can't get any respect.

How to be a Foopa

Foopa Poobah on hand for RAF Digby George Washington Ball,
hosted by USAF Detachment 1 488 IS

18 February 2000

At the George Washington Ball Foopa members could not believe their outrageous good fortune when the Foopa Poobah himself arrived at RAF Digby to attend the George Washington Ball. Doesn't he cut a regal figure? We are not worthy! Although Al (Foopa!) had to depart early, Foopa members were in such a tizzy they partied until the wee hours of the morning. Too bad you missed it, Al! (Foopa!)

The Chiefs Visit RAF Digby

22 March 2000

CMSgt Dave Hill (CCM AIA) and CMSgt Al Dowling (CCM 26 IG) at the Spitfire gate guard, RAF Digby, 22 March 2000 The Chiefs tour the museum at RAF Metheringham with members of Det 1 488 IS Det 1 488 IS proudly hosted a visit from the Command Chief of AIA, CMSgt Dave Hill, and the Command Chief of the 26th IG, CMSgt Al Dowling (Foopa!) on 22 March 2000. In the group photo at Metheringham (right) are SRA Brian Day, MSgt Steve Elliott, SSgt Mitch Porter, CMSgt Dave Hill, CMSgt Al Dowling (Foopa!), SSgt Stevie Herrin, SSgt Randy Shaver.

In the sector ops museum At the Metheringham museum Besides their visit to the RAF Metheringham museum, the chiefs also visited the 'L' Sector Ops museum at RAF Digby, hosted by RAF Cpl Pete Best. The Chiefs were absolutely gobsmacked at the wealth of history on display at the two museums. The Foopa Poobah himself had to repeatedly scoop his chin up off the floor throughout the day, and sometimes needed help, gladly rendered right and left by Foopa members.

22 March 2000 at 11 Robin Court, RAF Digby

Al himself (Foopa!), with Deb (Foopa charter member Number One), Barb (Foopa#11), and Dave (Foopa#12) during the Chiefs' Visit to RAF Digby on their whirlwind tour of England.

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