He's behind you!

The O-Folk in Ireland!

You've been waiting so bloody patiently, bless you, for pictures and stories of our recent trip to Ireland, and here I've been, sitting on my thumbs, making you wait. What a piker I am. I don't yet have all the photos back from the chemist's, but I finally got off my backside and scanned what I do have, so let's not delay a moment longer but just dive right into things.

The last time I put photos on the web I jammed them all into one web page, which took way too long to download to your browser. I've made up individual web pages this time for you to click through. This doesn't make viewing all the pages any faster, but you can stop when it all becomes too overwhelming and come back to the rest later. I've also made an important change to the photos so that when you click on them to enlarge them, the enlargement will open in a separate window and you won't have to reload the main page. This should save you lots of time if you enlarge a lot of photos.

To follow along with the places I've described, you can link to a map of the area we visited, but it's a pretty big map, so it may take a couple minutes to download. The map will also now open in a separate window which you can just minimize and keep handy in case you want to refer to it as you read along.

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