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Here we are in Scotland. Yep, Scotland is a rock. Just this rock. Now you've seen it, you don't have to go there. Okay, Scotland is actually under the rock. No? This is the headstone of a guy named 'Scotland,' and we all stood on his grave for a really tacky tourist photo. Okay, this is the rock that stands on the border between Scotland and England. It is.
Housesteads Roman fort Housesteads Roman fort

Even though the whole of the UK is about the size of the state of Colorado and you never have to drive for very long to get anywhere, we stopped halfway to Scotland. Well, I do the driving, so I call the shots. No I don't, you know better than that. We wanted to stay overnight near Hadrian's Wall, which the Romans built a couple millenia ago to keep the Scots or the Picts or somebody out of occupied England. You can find Roman ruins all over England, but this has got to be the biggest; it stretches from coast to coast, and much of it is still there. But, to be honest, it looks like lots of rocks when you take photographs of it, so I'm offering only these two snaps of Barb and the boys wandering through the walls of Homesteads, the biggest surviving Roman fort along the wall.

Scott's View A ruined abbey Another ruined abbey Where's Tim? foe CUSS!

Scotland's countryside is a lovely place, if you like countryside. Sir Walter Scott liked it so much that, when he died, his funeral procession stopped at the hill from which you can see the view in the picture at the left. Other photos are the ruins of an abbey. We took a lot of photos in Scotland, but I was not in my best form with a camera on this trip, and I knew it, so I gave the camera to Tim a lot. He and I snapped the other two examples above. I guess you could charitably say we really stank when it came to taking pictures on this trip. But Tim has gotten a lot better. He took a lot of the photos of our trip to Wales.

Edinburgh's skyline Tim at Edinburgh Castle Sean at Edinburgh Castle

We weren't just wandering around Scotland; our destination was Edinburgh, where we wandered the streets up to the castle -- you've can't go to Edinburgh without going to the castle. All the tourists are there. Conform, okay? I posed on the edge of the castle wall for Tim so he could take a shot of the Edinburgh skyline, and Tim posed for me in front of the war memorial. Sean doesn't pose, so you have to snap him when he's not ready for it. Looks like Tim caught him when he really wasn't ready.

...and that's Scotland.

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