Sean's Photo Page

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Sean in preschool Sean's ID photo Sean in K-garten
Sean in preschool Sean's ID photo while we were in Germany Sean in Kindergarten, Berlin, GE
Sean in 1st grade Sean in 2d grade Sean in 3d grade
Sean in 1st grade, JFK Schule, Berlin, GE Sean in 2d grade, Lansing Elementary Schoool, Aurora, Colorado Sean in 3d grade, Lansing, Aurora, CO
Sean in 4th grade Sean in 5th grade Sean in 6th grade
Sean in 4th grade, Lansing, Aurora, CO; this is probably my favorite of his school pictures Sean in 5th grade, Lansing, Aurora, CO; he came home with these photos so proud to tell me that he tried to look like a zombie. I still feel guilty about getting mad over that Sean in 6th grade, South Middle School, Aurora, CO; he's trying hard to smile while hiding his braces.

Senior Awards Banquet

The Youth In Excellence Award

Sapporo Snow Festival

Edgren HS Drama Club

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