>> Welcome to Mognet Central, kupo! Yes, it may be late in the new year, but Mognet was screaming to me "Update me!!!" So, this is what I'm doing. It's going to look so much better! Yet, for it to look best you may want to download the Redensek.ttf font if you haven't yet. I'll be coming out with new buttons for this site, new color themes (Like this! I'm so proud of my background!), new fonts, new everything ^_^ If you have any nice comments, suggestions, etc, please sign the guestbook or eMail me. Thanks ^_^ Oh oh oh one more thing ^^ it was I that made the BG so if you want to use the BG on the site, ASK PLEASE!!!! Bai bai ^_^



3.05.02, 4:21P: I made that cute little eMail me sign down there, from Ragnarok, and I updated the Tantalus Hideout and the Eidolon Wall. =) Bravenet should be working soon, so the counter IS COMING! yay! So is the guestbook! For now my eMail and my LJ is subsituting as the guestbook (Moogle Diaries.)

Molly North, 5/20/01 - 3/02/02


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