((love me or hate me- either way im on ur mind))
((u K!S$!N it- so what u think of it))
| its funny how HOES are forever runnin their mouths |
| but when i roll in- they all roll out |
|!| diamond princess |!|
|!| just mind ya business |!|
|!| these
rumors are senseless |!|
|!| ur
whispers are ENDLESS|!|
its easier to fall when theres someone there to break it
it easier to
abuse when theres someone there to take it
its easier to
smile when u kno that u can fake it
confronted all the while with that which uv forsaken
its easier to
cry when theres someone there to hold u
who hasnt had the chance to kno the bitter and the cold u
its easier to
lie when theres no one there to scold u
systematically disregarding everyone who knos u
and the hardest thing to do
is let go of u
*remember those nights*
. i wonder if it was a
dream .
*remember how u made me
. remember how i made u
scream .
u can be anywhere when ur life begins...u find the right person and anythings possible...there are millions of people in the world, but in the end it all comes down to *ONE*.  i still panic sometimes- forget to breathe.  but i kno theres something beautiful in all my imperfections- a beauty which he held out for me to see, and a strength that can never be taken away.
for once in my life im at a loss for words- the truth of the matter is, being with u is the only time iv ever been happy.
.:*theres no where else iv wanted to be- then there when u needed me*:.
|!| i cant help but sit back and thing of all the STUPID things we've done together...truth is- i wouldnt want to be stupid with anyone else but you |!|
<3 i can make no apologies for following my heart <3
((yall bitches got a lot of audacity...u talk a lot of shit but only kno HALF of me))
. . i dont want to think of u as anything less than amazing . .
*L!v!ng m!ght mean tak!n chances, but theyre worth tak!ng*
*Lov!ng m!ght be a m!stake but !ts worth mak!ng*
PaGe 2
. . my friends . .