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Hi, my name is Peter Genovese. I'm 24 years old and live in Los Angeles, CA. I attend California State University, Northridge (CSUN for short) and am studying to be an web page programmer.

So anyway, I grew up in the San Fernando Valley,
in a city by the name of Granada Hills. If you've heard of the Northridge earthquake in '94, then you will have an idea of where I am, which is just a few blocks from there.
Check out this Panoramic Picture of the whole San Fernando Valley (where I live) that I took while hiking atop a local mountain!
Here's a new Virtual 360 Degree View from the same point!

April 7th through May 19th I was one of the members of a line that waited for the latest Star Wars movie at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Ca. We recieved major press attention around the world and I have been on many news programs and on the air (radio) live doing interviews for stations around the world as well. One of the most notable was my interview with Howard Stern. I was the only one in the line interviewed on his show, and I've uploaded it in Real Player format so you can check it out!

- Howard Stern Interview -
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It'll probably take a few minutes to download. You need Real Player G2 to hear this clip.
If you don't have it, download it for free by clicking the link below)

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(A palm tree from near my house)

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A website I am helping with for an event I am helping organize.
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This forum is a gathering place for Gladiator fans.
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I completed the 10K!

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Helped to raise money for this organization :)

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This is my cousin Marc's website
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This is my cousin Victor's website

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