The Vera-Ellen Photo Album

This is a collection of photos, and one article, that I couldn't fit elsewhere on my pages, not without overloading them with pictures. I scanned a few, and most have been sent to me by fellow fans. Rather than keep them to myself, I'm sharing!

Article scanned from Modern Screen magazine speculating on whether Vera-Ellen would marry Rock Hudson
First Page of article Contains a nice photograph of the two of them dancing.
Large Photo from article A very nice one of Vera-Ellen, with a poodle.
Second Page of article
Third and final page

"Dating" Rock Hudson
Dressed up as Mr & Mrs Oscar.

From her life with Robert Hightower
Publicity Photo Posing with a photo of her then-husband.

From her life with Victor Rothschild
Cutting their wedding cake.
An Evening Out At a party.

From Broadway
Higher and Higher June Allyson is in the lower left.
By Jupiter As Minerva.

Advertisement for Cameo stockings
Despite the product, her legs aren't shown. Sorry guys!
115K version.
166K version.

From Words and Music
On the stairs Vera-Ellen's 'death' scene.

From On the Town
On the Town

From Call Me Madam
Publicity Photo #1.
Publicity Photo #2.
Publicity Photo #3.

From White Christmas
"Sisters" Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen in rehearsal.
Publicity Photo Vera-Ellen.
Publicity Photo Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen.
Publicity Photo Wearing the costume from the finale.
Publicity Photo From the "Choreography" sequence.
Publicity Photo Posing while wearing "Choreography" costume.
Publicity Photo From the "Mandy" sequence.

From Happy Go Lovely
Publicity Photo David Niven and Vera-Ellen.
Publicity Photo Showing off her famous legs.

From Let's Be Happy
Publicity Photo Vera-Ellen.

Publicity Photos
Scottish Garb Vera-Ellen wearing the world's shortest kilt.
Scottish Garb This time with bagpipes!
MGM Stars Vera-Ellen amidst other stars posing to celebrate MGM's silver anniversary.
MGM Stars II A lightly different version of the above picture, in colour.
A beautiful black & white photo of a young Vera-Ellen, glowing with happiness.
Flowers A gorgeous colour photo with Vera-Ellen holding flowers.
Autographed An autographed black & white publicity photo, taken early in her career.
Ballet Posing for the camera in a ballet costume.
Full Face From the White Christmas era.
Striped Sweater Another cute autographed picture.

Class Photo The earliest photo I have - I was told this is her 10th grade class.
With mother.

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