Me and the Meade 25cm Schmidt Cassegrain.

This telescope with f/4.2 focal reducer and MX916 CCD was used to discover a nova in M33.

The small 180 teeth 12cm RA wheel gives periodic error of 15". That is why the small telescope mounted on the top of the main mounting with an ST-4 autoguider is needed.

New mounting ( Apr. 2003 ).

25cm f/6.3
and MX916 CCD.

The mounting with 31cm and 23cm RA Dec Drives are from Optic-Craft Machining.
Motors and Sky Probe 1000 are from SOFT-TEC SYSTEMS.
CCD and all necessary cables are connected to computers in my house.

I had to drill some extra holes in order to manage to assemble the mounting correctly.

The RA worm had a periodic error of 25", but after I changed the shape of the main tooth-wheel on the worm-shaft to an "oval", the error now is approximatly 10".

Latest updates :

From year 2004 -

Groruddalen Automatic Imaging Telescope ( GAIT ).