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- Our Folk, Our Faith

A Brief Introduction to European Paganism

Pagan Identity Movement
Version 1.5 September 25, 2004

Our Folk, Our Faith

This is a basic introduction to our peoples, the ethnic Europeans, ancestral religion of Asatru. By no means is it a definitive account of our ethnic belief system.

Asatru, also commonly referred to as Odinism, Wodenism, Irminism or Wotanism, amongst others is, in essence, the native or ethnic pre Judaeo-Christian spirituality of the indigenous people of Europe, our Germanic forefathers. It is a faith bound to us by the blood passed down through the generations of our people, of our ancestors - our folk - over the centuries; a religion of nature and a religion of might. It is the faith born of our folk, for our folk; it is the faith born through our blood for our blood It is our unique and natural way of identifying with nature.

Asatru is a belief which springs from the very folk-soul of our people. It is an expression of nature and reverence for nature as conveyed through us. It is a way in which our folk, our Germanic forebears, have habitually unified themselves to the celestial, to the eternal laws of nature, and therefore to our natural surroundings over millennia in this world. Quite simply, it is an expression, spiritually, of who and what we are.

It is a belief system for our kinsmen who love their nation, their land, their heritage, their culture and their race and for those that want to preserve these for the future generations of our people.

Those of us who follow the path of the old faith - Asatru, those who are proud of their cultural heritage, their race and their pre-Christian faith, and those who see an eternal, undeniable and sacred bond between these are Identity Pagans.


"Only a religion which is indigenous to a people will serve and preserve them." -Wodansson (Creed of Iron)

Identity Paganism is the belief that there is a direct connection between spirituality and biology. It is the belief that there is an unbreakable bond tied within the blood of a people that connects that people to a religion and a religion to that people. It is the belief that the true spirituality of the people of European decent is that of Asatru - an organic belief system that springs directly from the racial folk-soul of a people, through their culture and heritage. It is the belief that we need to secure our peoples existence, the indigenous people of Europe for all time in order for our religion to survive for the future generations of our people. It is a belief for those that are of the understanding that natures eternal laws are divine for those that accept that all racial groups are different, unique and diverse and that this should remain that way and that the different peoples of this world should take the spiritual paths of their own kind.

We are and always will be connected to Mother Earth. We are a part of Nature and therefore subject to Natures eternal laws.

We believe in the sacred bond of the blood, the bond of spirituality and biology.
To Identity Pagans the blood is sacred, it is our connection to our past - to our ancestors - and we believe that it will lead our faith into the future for our folk for generations to come.

Stephen A. McNallen has said that Asatru is a belief for those that truly understand and respect diversity and variation and for those that believe that our differences are a blessing to be treasured, not barriers to be dissolved.
It is a belief system based on the concept of Metagenetics.

To us natures eternal Laws and the eternal decrees of the Creator (nature itself) are sacred. It is a belief born of the blood, through the blood and for the blood.

This is not hate of other people but love for our own peoples culture, heritage and race and the belief that these should be secured eternally this is "Natures Eternal Law", and the divine law of the Creator this is Identity Paganism.


Thors Hammer, or Mjollnir as it is also known, very simply but by no means the only meaning or representation, is what Asatruar wear to symbolize their belief and following of Asatru.


Regardless of what you believe, whether you agree or disagree, at least hear us out, give us the chance to speak to you and for us to listen. This is the only way to have an educated opinion... to listen to both sides of the story and then, and only then, to decide for yourself.

Wherever you stand, we are here to answer your questions and at the same time also be informed. We will help you, and hopefully you will help us. We will answer your questions as much as we can and to the best of our ability.

For more information about Asatru by many other Asatruar or followers of our faith around the world, please do not hesitate to email - The wealth of information that you will receive will benefit you greatly.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read this introduction. I truly hope that you are enlightened by what you have learnt here and by the information you will receive from the address above.
There is a whole new world of faith out their for our folk just waiting to be discovered, a world of faith buried deep in our ancestral past and one that will lead you into the future both prouder and stronger.

May Woden watch over you all.


The Pagan Identity Movement, the Assembly of Identity Pagans - an organisation for the study of Euro-Paganism.


by Sylvia Stevens

Do you wear your Hammer?

Do you wear your Hammer
Around your neck each day?
Does it say 'I'm Asatru!'
Or is it tucked away?

Does your speech do credit
To Asatruar kind
Or do your friends have cause to doubt
Your cleanliness of mind?

Will you answer truly
When asked your state of faith?
Do you, in face of Christendom
Vanish like a wraith?

Do you search for knowledge
And credit Odhinn's aid?
Do you show Frigg's charity
and love that will not fade?

Have you defended clan and kin
Against the sland'rer's edge?
Or have you, by your nod,
Helped to drive the wedge?

Are you fost'ring hatred
In breast that should be clean?
Are you worthy of the task
Or are your motives mean?

What you do today, my friend,
Is how you shall be known.
And by infrence, all of US
By your actions, shown!

And thus do Asatruarfolk
All, each other represent!
In thought, and word and action.
In garb and temperament.

And we ALL represent the Gods
For from Them, we descend!
My Asatruar friend!

Do you wear your Hammer
For Asatruar Kind?
You must wear it on your clothing