Dear Reader,
    You might have questions about this index. Some real, others imagined. I will try to answer them all.

-Who has put this website together?
-I have, Harry Entwistle.
-May I call you Grant?
-Maybe there is some reason for what you have done here...
-You may look at the website for my
Thomas Nelson English 111 website. This is an assignment for that class.
-Who was the teacher?
-Mr. Rick Dollieslager. You may also look at
his website, if you like.
-Where can I find something about Batman; I just love those pointy ears!
-I wrote an essay about a movie. You might find
this interesting.
-What other essays will I find on this page?
-There is an essay about a
restaurant and an essay about a museum. You are allowed to read both!
-If this was a class, was there a
final project of some sort?
-Yes, sorry. What if you have further, stranger questions regarding this website?
-Then I will use this
hypertext link to work through my various concerns.
-What about George Orwell, is there anything about him?
-I think so,
knowing you.
-Do you want to email me?
-Not particularly.
-My address is on a Hotmail account: dances_with_cactus.
-Typing it out would be easier, wouldn't it?
-Yes, but there might be programs trying to harvest my address, for
-I don't have an email client or money or anything.
-Set up a free one, with Microsoft's Hotmail.
-I don't know how to use the internet.
-Why oh why aren't there any flashing pictures here?
-Because it's obnoxious.
-I'm almost ready to explore your website. Anything I should watch out for?
-Yes. The color schemes are non-traditional. Classy but non-traditional.
-May I use your essays?
-Only if you
cite them properly.