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July 12, 2003

Just watched "The Importance of Being Phoebe". From reading the spoiler and watching some clips of this episode, I knew this one is gonna be different. I can tell you in this episode Phoebe seemed a bit like human to Cole. I don't know how to say this... I just thought that the scenes between Cole and Phoebe at the basement of manor have touched my heart. I know Phoebe said that she doesn't care about what happen to Cole anymore. But I can see there's something in her eyes and her shaky voices. I didn't say that she still in love with him. It just showed that... at least, she admitted that Cole 'was' her love life and it's not easy to say something like 'I felt nothing about you anymore' to you ex-love life. From Cole's side, well... what can I say more? It broke my heart all the time when he's like that.
One more episode to come. I think I've prepared my self enough since I hear the news about Julian's leaving on November 25, 2002. Yeah, the first day I heard about that. That day was supposed to be a nice day since that was my sister's birthday. But everything was turned out badly. Nothing's good about that day. I can't even smile for my sister. I cried all the time for about couple of months. Well, maybe not 24 hours a day, but that news was enough to break my heart deeply. And the worst, I couldn't even talked about that to any other people around me. They don't know what happen to me. They don't know how attached I am to Cole and Phoebe storyline. Right now, after about 8 months, I don't think much about this anymore. I've learned enough.

July 5, 2003

Right now I'm thinking about changing my site's content from Charmed and Julian into Julian only. Don't worry about Cole-Phoebe stuff here. I still gonna put Cole-Phoebe stuff here since it was the first thing that made me fall in love with Julian, but for P3 stuff (Charmed generally), sorry!
So, what do you think? Do you want me to change the site's content or not? Please, give me any comment. I don't know what to do about this site.

July 4, 2003

Yeay!!! July comes out finally. Can't wait for Nip/Tuck anymore. Though this show is not gonna air in my country (not confirmed yet, but the chance is so small), I know I can watch the video clip from other site (Thanks guys!). 
I was kinda lose my touch for this site recently. I felt so difficult to make a wallpaper, or even a banner. I don't know what to do. Hopefully, my muse will back again soon. 

June 30, 2003

Sorry, for the delay. I've been so busy doing my final tests for the last couple of weeks. When I finished my test, I've got some problems with my landlord, so, I really think I should move from my boarding house right now. Find the better one, I guess.
Finally, after waiting for a week, "The Mummy's Thomb" come out. Yeah, I saw how mad Cole became in that episode. Once again, this episode is just another epi for Alyssa. It's not that I hate her. I just really think that season 5 is Alyssa's season for all the wardrobes she's wearing during the season. You can see almost all of her "stuff" (sorry!).This is really different comparing to what happened in previous seasons. What's happen to Charmed actually? Maybe I can figure it out after Centennial.
Yeah, I know, finally. There's some new banners for ColePhoebe and Julian, and also wallpaper for ColePhoebe. I also add the links. Just take a look at them! 

June 7, 2003

Just watched "Daddy Dearest". Oh God, three weeks more to come. I don't know how I really feel about this. It breaks my heart all the time seeing Cole like that but I can't help it. Maybe Charmed is the only show with Julian on it that I can watch in my country. I don't wanna hope so much seeing Julian on his new show. I just don't wanna dissappointed. I like his new show. It seems his character is really different to Cole. I'm waiting for that. But I don't know whether any tv station here is gonna air that show.
I don't know yet whether I'm gonna keep watching Charmed after Centennial Charmed. Until now, it's the only show that I watch every week on my tv. Have any suggestion? Actually, I'm just getting to like Paige (Rose) right now. But we all know Paige doesn't have portion as big as Piper more over as Phoebe. The truth is I don't wanna hear anything about Phoebe and her new boyfriends who change every week. So, what am I gonna do? Just wait I guess. Yeah! Wait, and wait, and wait, oh yeah, and see!

June 4, 2003

I really think I should change my shoutbox host from to I've tried my best with dekap but it seems their server's not really good. So now, I'm working on the new layout on tag-board.

June 2, 2003

Finally, the banners are ready. You can choose the ones you like. Just wanna let you know, when I write "P3" here, it doesn't refer to the club. For example, for banners, P3 mean the banner with Piper, Phoebe, and Paige/Prue pics inside. I also have banners of Alyssa, Holly, Rose and Shannen. You can find those in "Banners >> P3". Just go down and you'll find the links to each of them. I've made Winamp Skin also but only for Julian at this time.
And also, just wanna let you know, I have some test for almost 2 weeks, so maybe I can't update this site soon. Just wait for me!

June 1, 2003

I hate it, hate it! Damn it! Sorry for the words guys, but I just need to express my feelings right now. I've just watched "A Witch in Time" and I hate Phoebe so much after this. What she said about Miles that "he makes me feel", oh c'mon, so what? Didn't Cole make her feel like "anything" before? She's the worst lover after all, I think. After losing her love life (she said it herself), she just needed couple of weeks to recover. Hell, I even cried for Cole longer than her.
Okay, I'm not a Phoebe's fan from the beginning. But I think I'm gonna appreciate this character if she acted normally after losing the love of her life. I'm not asking her to be Prue, who kept mourning for Andy for two season. I'm not that cruel. All I really need to see is the Phoebe I used to know. I know I like Phoebe since she's with Cole. And now, since she wanna move on and forget anything about Cole, what else am I gonna do?
I used to like Piper, still actually. It's just, I kinda forget about her in season 3-4. All I could saw in those seasons was Cole and Phoebe. Piper and Leo's relationship kinda boring (sorry!) for me. And now, I think I like Paige. She's kinda unique and she does have a heart. What can I say. It's like she knows Cole better than Phoebe.
Okay, now that I realize that it's Cole that made me kept watching Charmed, so I really think I'm gonna stop watched Charmed right after Centennial Charmed. That is about four week from now. What can I say? I couldn't stand it anymore. I hate season 5 but I watched it since maybe it's the last chance for me to see Julian on my tv. I don't know if I can see him in another serial. What channel in my country is gonna air it? So I keep watching Charmed, even it made me cry (always) right after I watched it. I couldn't stand seeing Cole like that, asking for Phoebe to come back to him all the time while Phoebe treat him like a pain in the ass. I really think she doesn't deserve that!

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