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First of all what is help4you?
help4you, is the new programme set up by Offeryou.co.uk as a way of saying thank you to all our buyers, plus a service for those who need help, want advise or just want to make raw cash from eBay or the internet. On this page you will be able to get 70 eBooks! ALL with rights for re-sale! (so you could already make money there!) - although these ebooks are not composed by Offeryou.co.uk. Offeryou.co.uk is doing alright for it self now. And we are looking forward to this year as we grow, and letting you help your self to a greater future which = help4you!
So what do these eBooks have to offer?
Well! They offer you vats of information on how to earn money, Marketing secrets, Wholesalers list, 1001 newbie friendly tips, (newbie = a person who is new to ebay) and much more!

So let us list some of the eBooks that are included! (it would take forever to list all 70!)
- Credit secrect 2002       - Living off the net                 - Million dollar emails     
- E-Mail marketing            - eBay marketing eCourse    - InterNETACTIVE
- iNet success                   - Working with ClickBank      - FREE software links
- pay-per-click Commando    - FREE ezine AD system  
- Complete guide to building your own website.    

PLUS - You get FREE membership to the IBN (Intelligent Buisness Network)
PLUS - Best service links.
Above is just a taster of what this eBook has to offer! This is the Ultimate eBook, we have never seen one like it before - easy to use, simple to read and most of all a great source of knowledge about how to earn money. And on top of that you can make your money back by re-selling this ebook or selling the individual eBooks seperatly! Making you profit already even before you have got to work on the advice that is provided! This eBook is to our knowledge not very widely available, and is such a great wealth of information, we just had to make it available to you!
So order one now! And start earning! You do not need to be a resident of the UK to benefit from this anyone can, and you dont need to be a member of eBay. Allthough after reading this eBook we are sure you will probably set up an account with ebay straight away so you can start making serious money!

Infact we are so confident you will appreciate this eBook that, if for any reason you feel that it is a let down we will give you a FULL refund!
So BUY your eBook now! And start making money! Remember that you can earn the money back that you paid for this ebook by re-selling this ebook on ebay or where ever! As this eBook has FULL re-sale rights! And be safe in the knowledge there is a full money back guarentee if you feel it is a let down. But we are confident you will love it!
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