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"To supply our buyers with great quality products at low prices, to create and obtain an identity that is both respected and trusting to anyone who is thinking of buying from us. To evolve and maintain a high level of service and customer satisfaction by providing good, efficient and friendly service that does all it possibly can to help our buyers or prospective buyers, to offer the buyer where possible a cooling off period in order to show our commitment in provding excellent service."
You will see this aim a lot as it is the backbone of what we believe in. Our customers are very important to us, as it is YOU the customer that helps us grow and hopefully we will be able to reward you as we become bigger by cutting costs and reducing prices!

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Whats New?...
November 17th 2003
OfferUK begins trading on ebay. We make 38.88 profit in two weeks trading.

December 4th 2003
The power house of OfferUK are unhappy about what they have to offer for their buyers on eBay...so along came www.offeryou.co.uk!

December 9th 2003
www.offeryou.co.uk launches! The site is basic, but supported our needs at the time.

December 20th 2004
The power house of www.offeryou.co.uk is once again not happy! It is felt www.offeryou.co.uk does not symbolise what we stand for! A re-launch is decided!

January 4th 2004
www.offeryou.co.uk is re-launched! and rebranded! It is now known as Offeryou.co.uk the logo is a different style and colour. Purple and Blue is choosen as our colours that will make our logo recognised!

January 29th 2004
Offeryou.co.uk revised it's terms and conditions. Make sure you are up to date!

February 4th 2004
Offeryou.co.uk starts investing heavily in making contacts to bring you great offers! Its design team are working overdrive to think of new ideas!

February 9th 2004
Offeryou.co.uk launches 'Your Internet Playground'! A new page where you can go chat on our chat room, send us comments, sign our guest book and take part in our monthly polling station.

February 10th 2004
Offeryou.co.uk makes changes to their payment charges!. From the 11th of February 2004 payment charges shall be PAYPAL - 4% charge of total amount payable (inc. P&P, and any other fees) NOCHEX - FREE! Offeryou.co.uk scraps payment fee for NOCHEX transactions, Unless it is paid thorugh NOCHEX Xtra* where a 0.99 charge will be added for payments less than 70.00.

*Nochex Xtra is payment via Nochex when the payee is not a member of the nochex network.

February 11th 2004
Offeryou.co.uk launch help4you! A new page where eBayers and who ever else can get there 'mits' on the ultimate eBook. And it really is the ultimate eBook! Highly recommended. Offeryou.co.uk's FREE prize draw of 10.00 begins! This was done as a way of saying thank you to our customers. We are looking in to making this a regular occurance.

February 12th 2004
Offeryou.co.uk reports a big rise in traffic to the site! We are looking in to promoting our site more. Get stats soon! We introduce 'Tell a friend' - so do!

February 28th 2004
Offeryou.co.uk is to be replaced. www.offeryou.co.uk will remain on-line untill around 2005 time. No more updates will be happening. 

March 3rd 2004

It comes to our attention that offeryou.co.uk's email may have been hacked. Please DO NOT open any email from @offeryou.co.uk addresses - they may contain a virus. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.