"It all started a few years ago, a few stupid kids writing songs like "Hey, Go" "
-"Ones We Love" Offhand

Like the quote says, me, Matt, and Dan wanted to start a band about 3 years ago, before any of us could even play any instruments. Eventually Matt got drums, I got a bass, and dan got a guitar, but by that time we had never even had a real band practice and I decided to be a dick and leave them for a new band which later became Fill in the Blank.

Fill in the Blank consisted of me on bass, Tim on drums, a guy named Alex on guitar, and eventually another Tim on backup guitar. This lasted a while, even though we never really decided on who was going to sing any of our songs, not that we even had that many good songs.

At the same time, Matt and Dan tried to get bands going. They had a guy named Carl on bass for a little bit until they got Pat, and started Rear View Mirror, which later became Lost Kause. In Lost Kause, they wrote some decent, uncompeted songs, but Matt had switched to playing guitar, so they had no drummer.

Here's where it all fit together. Fill in the Blank pretty much stopped practicing, except that me and Tim still wanted to still play in a band, so we needed a guitar player or two. Lost Kause needed a drummer and I was good friends with them and I was friendS with Tim, who played drums. Considering this, me, Dan, Matt, and Tim were like "Hey, lets combine our bands" with only one catch, Pat would be left out. The four of us, without Pat, practiced a few times and had good results, so we started Offhand. Pat took it pretty well and is now our full-time stage monkey.