Historical airchecks and pictures from most of the Free Radio Stations whose signals came from ships in the High Seas between 1960-1990.

Can't find any Off Shore Radio?

You'll find some BELOW.

Radio Frequency Addicted, for all of you Anoraks and Listeners, this site is BURSTING with Pictures, Audiochecks, Short Wave Pirates (recent and in the past). DJs who used to be pirates, who now working on the BBC or ILR.

Free Radio Waves, this site also has loads and loads of Off Shore airchecks, including, the magical Radio Atlantis.

Radio Addiction UK, this site is a massive compilation of great Offshore Radio airchecks. This site has easy to use BUTTONS to go to your favourite watery wireless station.

Pirate Radio Flashback,a site which concentrates on the last 3 years of Radio Caroline between 1987-1990.

Free Radio Heaven, a collection of 'Rarities', 'funny' 'emergency' or 'amusing' comments made by DJs trying to cope with whatever the conditions were like on board at the time.

Carolinecutz, as the title suggests this site has loads of Offshore related Newspaper Cuttings from the 60s to the 90s.


If you are still searching for more Offshore/Free Radio memorabillia click the links below.



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