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Why Offshore Programming?

  We provide offshore programming for web site development and programming, computer programming, contracting, consulting, mainframe programming, windows programming, and assembler language programming.

  Offshore programming is the development of computer programs in countries other than the country which is paying for the development.  Why offshore programming?  Very simple:  it is much cheaper.  XF Development Inc. uses offshore programmers in a "third world" country where the average family income is about $100 U.S. per month.  As a computer programmer in the U.S. I made well over 85 times that amount, including benefits.  An individual paying for a program will naturally look for the best price.  A corporation responsive to its stockholders will do the same. 

  Don't think that you are promoting sweat shop labor.  We pay above average and if they didn't work for us, there would be that many less jobs available.  By employing us you are helping people who really need and appreciate a job!




  Our programmers are trained in English in school.  This is the third largest English speaking country in the world, so we do not have the communication problems that sometimes arise in other offshore programming countries.  Not only do they speak English, they speak it well.  In the past I worked with programmers from another country who spoke English, but it was very difficult to understand them because of their heavy accents.  Our programmers, however, speak English well and are very easy to talk with.  As a result we do not have the misunderstandings common in some other offshore programming countries.



   I have long believed that a good manager should strive to put himself out of business.  That he should manage so well that his presence is no longer needed.  Well, I am now in a situation where I was really not needed for quality production purposes from day one.

  Here there is high unemployment, and, as a result, intense competition for jobs of any sort. Naturally a really good job like a computer programmer brings applications from many qualified engineers who are willing to work long and hard to produce a good product.

  We are located in an area that is an educational center for most of the country.  Many students here study computer science.  Very, very few get jobs having anything to do with computers.  So we get the best of the best.  Engineers who work harder to produce better products.


Sample Jobs and Costs

  Offshore programming can dramatically cut the costs of producing quality software.  How much would it cost you to produce a simple web site in the U.S.?  We do it for $25 U.S., web site procurement and installation included.  Here is one that we did.  Just $25.  Before you go there please bookmark this page to make it easy for you to return here.

  Here is another web site that we did, originally for $25.  They continue to make changes to this website.  For the changes we charge them $2.50 per page, or a minimum of $5.

  If you would like to look at some more examples of our web work, please click the button below.


Contact Us

  Now that you have seen a sample of our work, how about letting us do a small job for you?  Let us program your own investment strategy for just $99.  Or we can put up a nice web site for you for a one-time fee of $25 U.S. 

  We can do larger tasks also.  Our backgrounds run from 35 years experience as a mainframe programmer to fresh out of school with the latest PC technologies. Our manager is an American with lots of program development experience in very large American companies.  We can do the work, we want the work, and we will do a great job for you!

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