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Welcome to the beautiful and hospitable Rhodope Mountains.
Since ancient times they have been a source of
legends and stories told through the centuries.
This is the cradle of the mythical singer Orpheus.
Here was born the song which, together with
Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, flies through space,
looking for contact with alien intelligence.

Magnificient pine forests, green meadows and mountain peaks bathed in sunlight – these are
the incredible Rhodope Mountains you will never forget.Not will you forget the Rhodope the Rhodope people – theirhospitality and the delicious dishes they will make especially for you. .

The mountain people will meet you with open arms, will sing you the songs they grew up with,
and will say goodbye to you as though you were their best friend.“ The one that sings bears no evil” is an old Bulgarian proverb.And all the Rhodope’s people sing – that is why goodness,
peace and tranquility is in their souls.


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