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August 24, 2008 The OFHKL Waiver Draft will begin in the chatroom.  GM's are expected to be avaliable until midnight.
October 4, 2008 The NHL, and the OFHKL, begin the 2008 Regular Season.

League GM's Ammend Roster Positions
On July 24th, 2008, OFHKL GM's. in a 9-to-3 vote, ammended the league roster positions to include 4 full offensive lines.

In addition to this, GM's agreed on designating all LW's and RW's to be designated as "Wingers" rather than their specific positions.  This will add much more flexibility to GM's rosters.

Forwards switch wings all the time in the NHL, and this ammendment  will make the OFHKL as realistic as possible.

Stat Categories Changed
GM's, on August 4th, 2008, agreed to change the league stat categories to the following: G, A, +/-, PIM, PPG, PPA, SHP, FOW, Wins, SHO, GAA, SV%.

Managers wanted to maintain a 2:1 ratio between skater categories and goaltending categories while having the most balanced categories avaliable.

Dscussion was given towards including hits and blocked shots in order to make solid defensive play more necessary, but Yahoo does not offer either at this time.

League Blog Under Construction
Along with maintaining this website and a message board, the OFHKL will have a league blog where all managers may make posts pretaining to their team at any time.  Stay Tuned...