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The Oblate Fathers Primary School is a Catholic elementary school; located in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was founded by the Missionay Oblate of Mary Immaculate (O.M.I.) in the year 1975.
This school provides the education at the primary level. It has classes that go from grade one to grade six. The classes are divided to two sessions: the morning session for grade one, three, and five classes; and the afternoon session for the classes of grade two, four, and six.

* Contact the school for more information: 23648375

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Announcements from the Webmaster...

1. Jan 13,2001 Links - Section updated! - Two new subheadings: (1) OFPS Related - Any pages that is related to the school. (2) OFPS Students' Personal Webpages - Some good webpages created by OFPS students/teachers.

If you have a website that wish to be added, please send us an e-mail at!

2. Jan 12,2001 - Teachers' Email Addresses

Some people asked me, in the guestbook, if I could post the teachers' e-mails, so that you can contact them.

That's a very good idea. But I'm not sure if all the teachers have an email address. And because of security reasons, I'm not sure if the teachers would want to have their email addresses to go public. Because I'm now working on a official webpage for my secondary school -- St. Robert Catholich High School (Thornhill, Canada), I've learned about this precaution. My school's administration is very careful with posting the teacher's information on the internet.

In the official website, they do not allow the teacher's pictures to be posted, because they're afraid that some crazy people might go after them for no reason. Moreover, the teachers are not allow to post their own email addresses on their webpages because they do not want the teachers to get tons of junk mails... not that it will happen... I'm pretty sure that OFPS students wouldn't be as bad... but who knows? May be there are really some crazy people would bomb the teachers' mail box...

However, I do have three of the official school's email addresses that you guys can contact the school, in general.

You can first send a message to any one of these three email addresses, and tell them in the email, which teacher's email you would want to ask for (of course, tell them your purpose for asking for that particular email address.) and let the school to decide whether if they wish to give the teacher's email to you.

Here are the official school email addresses:

Hope that they might be useful. Good luck!

3. Jan 03,2001 New Photo Album added! - The Reunion of the former OFPS students with Mrs. Lo (Principal) in Toronto on August 5, 2000. We had a lunch with Mrs. Lo at a Chinese restaurant in Market Village (Located in Markham, Ontario, Canada), then we went to shop around Pacific Mall for a while before we depart! It was a wonderful memory! Thanks guys for coming to the reunion!

4. Dec 24,2000 - 睇到你地d MESSAGES, 特然間好開心添~!


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Special Thanks to the Principals and Mr. Koo for these information.

The Catholic Corner ~ 信仰分享

This is a little section where we can share our faith as being Catholics. Everyone is welcome to contribute. If you found some interesting or inspiring articles, please send me an email at Thank you!

1. 天主教,基督教

我們一家人都是天主教,不知怎的移民美國之後,一個個的都改奉了基 督教,我的兄弟姐妹,什至三個兒女都如此。我無所謂。這是個們的自 由選擇。

我自己偶然也前往別的教會看看,包括聖公會和基督教,也參加他們的 一些討論活動,但卻始終無意改變自己的宗教。最重要是互相尊重了解, 和平共處。有時候女兒在家中款待一大班基督教友,我也下樓去參加他 們的活動,又或者打個招呼,心中卻不免有點好笑:真是大大的進步了 呢。在十五,六世紀的歐洲,基督教和天主教是勢不兩立,互相殘殺的。 今天竟然坐在一起談笑風生。

幾年前回母校華仁探望,知道校內基督有徒的團契活動。華仁本是天主 教中學,但校內的神父有這個容度和風度,很是叫人欣慰。話說回頭, 天主教和基督教教義分歧雖然很多,基本的精神卻是一樣的。我看聖德 勒撒的自傳,和基督教著名的聖哲Dietrich Bonhoeffer,發覺兩者的精 神面貌極為相似,而且竟是共通的,雖然前者陰柔,後者陽剛。而我也 一直覺得,天主教是月亮,基督教是太陽。這其間的來龍去脈,則說來 話長。

也曾見過菲律賓太太,不滿教皇的言行而改奉公正教,也見過有人認為 天主教教友偽善而離開教會的。可是,不論你改哪一個教會,總會遇到 你不高興不滿意的人。有人到處去尋找適合自己心意的教會。這種舉動 有一名詞,叫做Church Shopping,視教會如同一件貨品。

要弄清楚一點,奉教並非為了愉悅自己,稱自己的意。奉教到頭來是一 種犧牲。

∼ 杜杜 <<明報周刊396期>>

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