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  Some Yardsticks:

If you respond to evil with evil, then you perpetuate evil.
If you respond to evil with good, then you complete the alchemist's transformation.

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Never let what you have to do get in the way of being who you are
well, not too often nor for too long.

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God is your Father honour Him.
The Earth is your Mother respect Her.
All Men are your Brothers yes, you are your brother's keeper.
All Women are your Sisters yes, you are your sister's keeper.

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The CareWare Idea

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Evolution? Why not?

I believe that there is only one Creator (God, if you like), and He (It) is bigger than any of us is capable of wrapping our temporal, finite minds around, and consequently bigger than any one religion or system of philosophy is capable of encompassing. I have come to realise that whilst Christianity is the best way for me to express my spirituality, it does not therefore necessarily follow that it is the most appropriate way for anyone else.

Given that there is only one Creator, each religion is therefore worshipping the same God, but in its own way via its own prophets. It is the height of arrogance (the 8th deadly sin?) to insist that your way is the only way; in fact, it is my belief that anyone who claims to have a monopoly on ''The Truth'' obviously hasn't!

An insistence on believing in a particular method of creation is, to me, a misuse of religious belief. People only need to compel others to believe as they do when they lack confidence in their own beliefs (...so feel free to disbelieve everything you read here - make up your own mind).

Does it occur to you that God, the designer and creator, may have created the universe to evolve into what it has now become, all life forms included, by whatever means He (or She) chose to be the method, (yes, even evolution) and to become whatever it will become in the fullness of time?

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