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...OGPinayXo, a pure pinay and a hawaiian at heart...

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.
Be the living expression of God's kindness:
kindess in your face
kindness in your eyes
kindess in your smile
kindness in your words

Hoping not to put YOU to sleep, I have for you a page about me (pichaz n thotz) and sharing my experiences in life and hope to make even a teeneetiny difference on my reader's (YOUR) life. This page is dedicated to God, Noelani, my `Ohana (blood and extended families), all the people that made a good difference in my life, those who were true to me, and those who has been there beside me through thick and thin. Hope you find my page informing, comforting, and kahyoot.

...Differences create the challenges in life that open the door to discovery...


...kulia ika nu'u -:|:- strive for the highest...

Akahai - Kindness to be expressed with feeling of Tenderness.
Lokahi - Unity to be expressed with feelings of Harmony.
`Olu`olu - Agreeable to be expressed with feelings of Pleasantness.
Ha`aha`a - Humility to be expressed with feelings of Modesty.
`Ahonui - Patience to be expressed with feelings of Perseverance.


Hula impacted my life dramatically. I have been dancing hula since i was thirteen years old. Being thirteen, I dealt with peer pressure and bullies. Because of my exotic appearance, i was teased upon and that resulted my poor self image. I hid behind books, and thick clothings. I was known as a shy, unattractive, Fresh Off the Boat PINAY. While dancing hula, I learned plenty from my KUMU (teacher). He taught me confidence (performing on stage), humbleness(standing ovations for ALL the competitors), and his view of competitions(we compete to share our aloha not to win). Of all the lessons I've learned, I mostly utilized the 3 I've stated and it made me the person I am today. Hula is an art of expressing yourself through dancing with your heart. Hula is exotic, artistic, exquisite.

..."Everything is possible to one who has faith." - Mark 9:23...

Growing up as a Christian, one thing I've learned is that LIFE is not ours to dominate for it is borrowed not owned. People sometimes forget that life is unpredictable and takes each passing day for granted thinking that life will be there till all their hair turns gray. People also wants to be in control of their life when in reality, the world doesn't revolve around them. Having God in my life made me be thankful for each day of life he has given me. In return, I strive to obey his commandments. Being human, I admit that I stray away sometimes but being the loving, merciful God that He is, when I find my way back to Him, He welcomes me with open arms. God is sooooo GOOD i tell ya... experience His love and you'll have bliss through the rest of your life. Including God in everything i do made my life not easier but worth living. He is the proprietor of my mind, body and soul.

Facts according to ME


*you have a karaoke!!!
*you have a giant fork and spoon on ur kitchen wall.
*you have religious figures like Sto. Nino(baby jesus), Mama Mary, & Jesus.
*it has a strong food aroma like tuyo!!!
*you have a grand piano.
*the living room contains plenty of photo albums.
*your bathroom has a tabo!!!(thot by kuya mikol)
*you do not allow shoes on the carpet.
*have TFC!!!
*your pet(dog) is fed with left overs!!!:lol:
.........what else? if u think of something else to add, don't hesitate to IM me

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