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Welcome to OgregO's DreamCast page

Welcome to OgregO's DreamCast page

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updated 10-01-02

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ok to start
look around your DC....notice on the bottom of your DC ,,it has cooling slots cut out of the case but the metal plate inside covers up the slots....

notice the rear of your DC,,,it has a single cooling vent but inside a metal plate covers over half of the vent...

this leads me to belive the DC was produced in the end to overheat... because the cooling system was removed/replaced from the final USA production systems..


step one
remove all four screws from bottom of DC shell...remove top of shell...

remove everything inside the DC ...gd-rom,power board,main mother board..ect. (it all comes out and go`s back in one way soo its pretty easy) now trace the slots through the bottom half of the DC shell onto the metal plate so you know where to cut/drill your air holes into the metal plate..

next where you seen the plate covering the vent in the rear of the DC,,, cut that metal away,,,simply bend the metal in the crease,,,it will fall away easy..

now, that has you more ventage for air to travel throu,,,and still looks untouched..

installing extra cooling

ok,, you need to buy a liquide cooling heatsink....this is what they removed frome the the DC for usa release... it can be bought at http://www.videogamerepair.com and other places like that...

take your existing internal fan out and install the liquid cooling heatsink in its place....

then mount the fan you took out onto the other side of your DC,,(inside) cut vent holes for it and tap the 3.5 volts power supply on the power board(underside of the power supply board where it makes connection with the main board) connect the fans hot(red) wire to the 3.5 prong and the fans ground wire(mine was white...others where black) to the Gr prong. to power your fan...

its about that simple....this guide is less of a guide and more of a quick reference...

when your done though its way worth it..
i can run my DC over 10 hours and not even getwarm.....= less ware =longer dc LIFE SPAN

ANY QUESTIONS please mail me and i will give more indepth detail on what you need to do :)

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DreamPassport PREMIER is the best so far, but there will always be times when you will need a planet web browser too so keep all your browsers:) browsers I OWN- pw2.62,,,,,,,,,dk1.0,,,,,,,,,,,dp1.,,,,,,,,,dp2,,,,,,,,,,dp3.0,,,,,,,,,,DPP.......DPS,.....DPF :) check out insidious plots site*ABOVE*for more info on DC browsers :) i also have Dream Flyer light mail program

I also buy used/broken DC`s and psx ....if you have a broken console and want to sell it please E-mail me and tell me how much you want for it :)


this Site was created with a DC ONLY

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-- In DreamcastBrowsers@y..., "insidious_plots" wrote:

i would still like to see more added to this, but, it will do for now...

print this out and give to whoever may need it or give them the url and tell them to give that url to a friend who can print it out...

this info is current as of 1/18/02... so, phone numbers listed, etc., may have changed...

--- part one ---
--- what you need ---

buy a dreamcast...
made before nov 2000 if at all possible...

make sure it comes with a controller...

buy a memory card...
this is not really optional... get a cheap one, it won't matter...

and you will hate life if you do not buy a keyboard...

get a planetweb browser... call 1-900-260-9000 and they will charge $6 dollars to your phone bill and send you v2.62 in the mail... or pick one up at your local gaming shop... 2.6 is best, 2.0 will do...

get a copy of the dreamkey browser... it is "hidden" in many dreamcast games... the best version, and therefore your best bet, would be a copy of a game called chu chu rocket... any game shop should have plenty of them very cheap...

getting a dreamkey is not necessary, but, you will be much better off in the long run... it is recommended to only use the planetweb to enter your isp/email/dialling info and use dreamkey for everything else...
the rest of this guide will assume you will be using the dreamkey browser... (except where specifed...)

--- step two ---
--- getting an isp ---

since earthlink is officially/unofficially the preferred dreamcast isp, and the newest planetweb browsers have a sign-up process built in, i do not feel i am recommending them by explaining a different way to sign up with them...
though, i use earthlink and am satisfied with their service...
and, they allow you to go month to month, instead of signing a contract, so, if you do not like them, you can cancel anytime...

call earthlink for an account at 1-800-890-6356 (mon-fri, 5am to 12am pst, sat/sun, 7am to 6pm pst)... you CAN ask for a mail-payment account... they will send you a monthly bill by mail and you can pay them by mail... it will cost you an extra $5 a month...

when they ask what you are on, tell them it is a dreamcast, not a pc, it does not run netscape or explorer, but, you DO KNOW what info you need from them and how to enter it...
this is what you tell them you need...
user login id, password, dial-up numbers, dns numbers 1 and 2, pop3 server address, smtp server address, email login, and/or email address...

--- step four ---
--- entering your isp info into the dreamcast ---

next, you need to enter all the info your isp gave you into a planetweb browser...
for details, here are exerpts from hrb's guide to the planetweb browser...
his original, with all the options settings (which you will want to do eventually, but, can wait) can be found here...

First thing you want to do is set up your options. To do that, [load up a plantweb browser, press start when it tells you to, then, when you have a pointer you can move around,] press START on the controller, then go to the very bottom right button, [labelled 'options'] and then press the A button on the controller.

There should be 4 main options for you to setup. They are, Internet connection, Email Account, Optional settings, and time zone. click on internet connection to set up your ISP info.


Basic Info - ( ) = explanation

-Your Real Name - (enter your first last name or your internet handle)
[use the name you registered with your isp or on the credit card you used...]

-User Login - (your user ID for your isp)

-Password - (your password for your isp)

-Dial-Up Number - (the phone number used to connect to your isp)

-Backup Number - (a backup phone number to connect to isp.) [optional]

-Primary/Secondary DNS - (ID numbers for your isp's computers)

After you finish setting that up, click OK. you will now be at,


-Area Code you are dialing from - (enter your area code)

-Long distance call prefix - (enter any prefix to access long distance calls, usually "1")

-Call Waiting prefix - (disable call waiting while browsing, this may be *70 [or *67])

-Outside dial prefix - (if you need to dial a prefix number to make outside calls, enter the prefix here, usually "9")

-Modem Init - (customize your modem init strings) [best to leave it alone for now]

-Dial - (select tone or pulse dialing) [select tone]

-Dial area code- (click 'on' if you are dialing an isp number in a different area code. [or if your area requires the area code for loal or metro calls])

-Blind Dial - (select 'on' if you have voicemail on your phone that alters your dial tone)

After you set that up, click OK, and you will see the next screen,

-check your isp to see if you need this setting, most likely not.

Click OK and you should return to the 4 main options. now click,


-Email Login - (email login ID) [often the part of your isp login id before the "@" (at) symbol...]

-Email Password - (email login password)

-Email address - (your email address)

-Incoming Server POP3 - (address of computer to receive email)

-Outgoing Server SMTP - (address of computer to send email)

-Show mail header when getting mail - (displays verbose listing of email headers) [you should not check this box for now]

-Include original message in replies - (lets you quote the original message when replying to an email) [you should check this box for now]

Click OK when finished. back to the 4 main options

for explanations of all the options, go to hrb's full guide at the address given above... but, the ones explained here are the necessary settings to get online... you can do the others later...

after all this, click on 'save' at the main screen of 4 options...

assuming everything went ok, you are ready to go online...

so, time to see if it all will work...

--- part five ---
--- your first online session ---

put in your dreamkey browser...
if you are using chu chu rocket load it up, press start when it tells you to... at the main menu, select 'homepage'...

now on the keyboard, press ctrl+O to open the url bar... it will say "http://"...
type in DreamcastBrowsers.cjb.net so it looks like...

now press enter, and click 'ok'...

it will probably give you a pop-up message or two confirming you actually want to connect...

once it connects, you should see the homepage of The Dreamcast Browsers Group...

this will be a very important site to you in the coming weeks and maybe months...
so, "bookmark it"...

press ctrl+d to bookmark the page... you will be taken to your bookmark manager where you will see the bookmark, (you might want to click 'edit' on the right trig menu and change the title to "DCBG" or "Browser Help" or something... the url will start with http://groups.yahoo.com and you want to leave that the way it is...) pull the right trigger, select 'save'... choose your card or vmu you want it to save to... the best is the first slot in the controller plugged into port a...

now, you can always get back to that site...
you might want to write down the address, too...
there is a ton of useful info about using the Dreamcast as an interent device and you can even post questions... there are plenty of people who are more than happy to help with any internet or dreamcast related questions/problems...

go look in the faqs and guides...
you should probably read anything that says "dreamkey" or "dk" in the title...


there is alot more that you will want to do to get all "moved in to the web", but, that should be enough to get you online to do the rest and put you in touch with people that will be able to help with any problem you have... as well as give advice on how to get the most from your dreamcast as an internet device...

if you are not able to get online after doing all the above, post your problem at the dreamcast browsers group and someone will be able to help you out... go to a public computer at a library or net cafe or something or have a friend with a pc do it...

getting online with a dreamcast is much easier than getting it all figured out with a pc, so, if you run into obstacles, rest assured that it is more than likely something simple, and the people at the dreamcast browsers group can have you up and running in no time...
--- End forwarded message ---

Email: grego@kih.net