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Why is it called the small forest...? Here is where I 'll plant the seed of an idea in the growing electronic soil that is the WWW.

Enjoy, Myk

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April 3, 2001: I know it's been a long-ass time. Lots has happened. My Civic has transformed among other things, more pics, and you won't have to rummage around this crappy site!  YOU CAN FIND ME AT: www.smallforest.com

Right now it's just a splash page. But There will be something there really soon!! I Promise!!!

All of this stuff will still be here for old-time-sake, but if if you want to see what's new, check the new domain! Sorry Geocities, I need my shit to load up "whenever, wherever, whatever" as Maxwell once put it. Don't forget I'm aslo at Asianavenue .com USER NAME: shaol1n  ...duh.

October 25th, 200:      What's wrong with geocities?! Somehow my site got corrupted, so for now I'm gonna have to start from scratch. Viewing my guestbook will still be available & you may write to me at my e-mail addy.

9/9/00: I'm off to the beach tomorrow WITHOUT my car! It's better that way cuz i'd just be paranoid about it too much. ANYWAYS, I'VE GOT TONS OF PICS OF MY PRIDE AND JOY IN THE IMPORT RACING SECTION!!! If you've got a ride that you want me to post then send it over; I'll hook you up!!! Peace.

8/30/00:  Okay it's been awhile. The D.C. Capitol Classics? Well, there is no excuse for my failure other   than my swollen ankle which, by the way, got bigger than the picture below after the tournament. I placed 2nd in the Weapons division, and I didn't even place in the Forms division. Congratulations to Wilfred of Dennis Brown's Kung Fu, who I had won against at Charlie Lee's in weapons; This time around he came out on top-well deserved!  The next stop for me is The All American Inner Harbor Nationals in late September, then John Burdyck's tournament in October; somewhere in there is a small invitational somewhere in Columbia ,MD. I got some stuff for my Civic; check out the Import section soon for new pics.  Soon I'll be looking to purchase my very own domain: www.smallforest.com LOOK OUT FOR IT SOON!! Geocities is just to small for my big plans; Indeed the small forest grows exponentially as we speak!


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YUP, she's a beauty all right! What a nasty-ass injury. Believe me, now it looks worse than it feels. I worked out on it abit today, very light impact exercises to get it used to the feel of jumping again. I can't compete this saturday, but I am aiming for the D.C. Capitol Classics next saturday. Pray for me. ANYWAYS, the downloads are uploaded and ready for your consumption. Also I added pics in the IMPORT section and the OTHER PICS section. Reminder: the movies ARE COPYRIGHTED!!!!!!!!!! don't get any funny ideas. Oh yeah, my PORTFOLIO  has been deleted due to the lack of Geocities free space (which isn't much).

7/23/00: I am proud to showcase the extraordinary visions of my brother and friends from Richmond. These are just a hand full of examples of their work in the fine media that is Digital Video. I'm having trouble with them right now, but you can check out @nthony's JOHNNY BEEKO for now. You can download these in my Download section. Also for all of you STAR WARS fans; A shining example of a true fan at heart. Kris Siri presents APPRENTICES OF THE FORCE! Kris was only in high school when he decided to write, produce, edit, and star in this epic tale! ENJOY! All of these short movies are copyrighted and are not to be used without expressed permission by the creators. Enjoy.

7/17/00: It's time to get hyped!!! The 2000 International Festival & Championships presented by the USAWKF in Towson, MD is coming up ; The D.C. Capitol Classics is coming up early next month ,and there's another tournament in Baltimore, MD in September called the All American Inner Harbor Nationals presented by Willie "The Bam" Johnson! I'm psyched!! (Can ya tell in the pic on the right that I'm in the zone?!?!) I added some pics of my car in the Imports section and a couple of more pics in the other pics section. Plus I organized that space a bit better.

Did I mention that I added a semi-nude pic of my girlfriend too?

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7/6/00: Alright, shut up I know it's been awhile. LET US ALL NOT FORGET ABOUT JULY 8!!!!!!! (my birthday duh). I have also added stuff "AboutMe"...not much but there's an embarassing collage of me that you don't want to miss. PLUS there are a couple of more pics in my PICS section. What the hell is going on with me?! The D.C. Capitol Classics Martial Arts Tournament, That's What's up!!!!!!(early August).SIgn the Guestbook please for crying out loud!

6/15/00: There's a new girl in WWW town. Take time to meet her; my good friend Jeannie.....WAIT DON"T GO NOW!!! YOU HAVEN'T SEEN MY STUFF YET!!!....ssshheeesh. Anyways, say hi on her guestbook AFTER you sign mine! Great job Gidget-Girl!!....people, I highly recommend wandering around Jeannie's head, it'll make you feel warm & fuzzy inside...mmmmm.

6/3/00: On June 3rd , 2000 I was awarded the rank of black belt at The Chinese Martial Arts Institute in Fairfax,VA by my instructors Sifu Clarence C. Burris III, Sifu Arthur Kieth, and Sifu Michelle Boutin. The feeling of accomplishments of this magnitude are far and few between in my life. Throughout long days and evenings of training, sweat , pain, and sacrifice I reached a personal goal that I set for myself in the spring of 1998. It's had its ups and downs and often disappointments, but in the end I'm grateful for everyone who has put up with my training and recognized my passion to strive for the top. Now that I'm there, my REAL training is only begining and once again I have a new mountain to climb. Thanks to everyone who helped me to where I am now, and to my twin brother Anthony for introducing me to the beautiful art of Chinese Wushu....... now I need to rest; gotta climb another mountain tomorrow....

Last updated 4/3/01
Any questions and comments can be directed to my email address.Wanna see some more stuff?Say hello at: Shaol1n@hotmail.com

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