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This site is dedicated to Boys and Leaders in the Royal Rangers and Boy Scouts.  We hope it is a valuable resource to them, and anyone interested in Reaching, Teaching and Keeping boys for Christ
Do you know that Christ Died for you?

  The Bible says that all have sinned, and come short of God's glory. It says that the wages of such sin is eternal death. It says that Christ came to  save us. It is a historical fact that this man came and died on a cross outside of Jerusalem.   The Bible shares that He stands at the door of our hearts  and knocks. If anyone hears His voice, and asks Him into their heart, He will come in, and be a part of your life.   What do you have to lose? What if I
  am wrong, then nothing happens when we die. If I speak the truth of this matter, then you will spend eternity with your creator, if you accept Him.    Accepting Him is this easy, get on your knees & bow your head. Pray by opening your heart to God. Ask for forgiviness to your sins, and ask Jesus to come in to your heart.   Find a BIBLE.
Read Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, John 3:16, and Revalations 3:20. Do not stop there. Read the surrounding text. Do not just take this on my word, but let God reveal His truth to your heart.
Don't own a Bible??  Or are you interested in looking at the Bible online? 
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Royal Rangers is designed to reach, teach and keep boys for Jesus Christ.  This mission is done around the world by dedicated men and women who give of their prayers, time and resources. 

The picture above is of my dad, Rev. Noel F. Mehlo Sr (Niagara), standing on the left, and Cdr. Leonard Neal standing on the right.  It was taken at a witnessing event held at Lanterman's Mill in Mill Creek Park in 1988.  These men served as great influences in my life in many ways.
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"A man never stands so tall as when he stoops to help a boy"
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Have you told your parents or children you love them today?
We are honored to have received the Silver Lantern Award from Ranger DJ.  Check out his site for some great resources.
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