"It's a good thing we're wearing these helmets because for about half of my races I end up on my ass."

"They can just throw me in the desert and bury me. I got a gold medal. I'm good now."

"I am a human being trying to reach a goal which so many people cannot attain. It's a path not easily taken... but it's the one thing in my life that makes me the person I am."

"No words, definitely, no words." - At the 2002 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies

"My journey was not to win four golds. It was coming to the Olympics, experiencing it, and performing my best, regardless of medal outcome."

"For me I respect the decision of the referee in the 1,000 final and I did the same in the 1,500 final. I'm just a skater who does my job."

"Just do your best. There's nothing else you could really ask for. Just come prepared and give it what you can."