Frequently Asked Questions
Will there be food provided at the crop?
To keep your cost down, we have opted not to include a meal the day of the crop. However, there is a restaurant in the hotel, and several places to eat in the area.
Can we leave to eat?
When you get to the crop, we ask that you check in at the table in front of the door. Once you get checked in and get your stuff at your seat, you are welcome to come and go as you please.
Is there assigned seating?
There IS assigned seating.  In order to maximize space, and for groups to be seated together, we have assigned you a seat number.
How long are the classes?
Each class is allotted one hour. Some instuctors may not require the full hour.
Can I bring food into the crop?
It is okay to bring snacks and covered drinks into the crop. The hotel has asked that meals are not brought into the conference room. Scrapbooks are irreplacable, please take that into consideration when dealing with food and drinks in the conference room.
When can I check in?
The crop starts at 10:00 a.m. Check in will begin at 9:45 a.m. at the table outside the conference room. If you arrive earlier than 9:45, you will not be seated until check in begins.
Why is there assigned seating?
Most of the people who sign up for the crop ask to be seated with one or more of their friends. In order to maximize the space and insure that people get seated together, we have found that the process runs more smoothly and quickly to assign seats.
Can I sign up for classes the day of the crop?
There are still spaces available in all of the classes. Instuctors have been encouraged to prepare for a few extra participants, but your best bet to get into a class is to register ahead of time.