HELLO AGAIN to everyone visiting us out our random website...Check out our new pages "Worthy Bros", "Worthy Hos", and our "Schedule"...None of this shit really matters but hey...whatev yo.  If you think you are a worthy bro or ho you can send a pic and info to OhSupMang@yahoo.com and we'll take a look...one of the requirements is that one of us has to know who you are....but that shouldn't be hard since only our friends and friends' friends look at this P.O.S. Oh and PEACE MANGS!!!
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Worthy Bros
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Weber: 20 yrs old, single, horny
Jeremy: 20 yrs old, single, horny, but not as much as Weber
Weber awake after a long night of drinking and getting naked.  Jeremy and Elyse as well as Mountain still dead passed out.
Mountain: 20 yrs old, single, horny pimp extraordinaire, drunken baffoon whom we all love
Clarkey: 20 yrs old, sorta taken, horny, but only admits it to us boys
Lynn, Derek, Mountain, Weber, Crane, and Taylor doing the conga at Jeremy's redLINE show at Ushuaia's in Orono.
This many people have been intrigued by our super cool coolness and super attractive bodies, and if your reading this you are one of those peoples, eh?
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