Just the one photo while I sort out my catalog of lunchtime legend.

Do be careful out there boys and girls.

This happened in month four of having my new bike. Out in the suburbs of Tokyo and in circumstances still not entirely clear, a car nudged my back tyre at the lights as I was taking off. This turned the rear into a fulcrum and the bike went vertical safely depositing me on my feet toallow me to watch its first few steps of freedom. This meant wheelying a few metres down the road with a roar before flipping on the protective railing in front of a lady on a bicycle who promptly collapsed in nervous shock.
She, of course, got allllllllll the sympathy and for what? a dented front shopping basket. The bike had to be lifted off with a crane but was surprisingly ridable, insurance paid out for repairs in full, and I got to politely decline giving the young female driver a "punishment".
Short of the bike spontaneously popping down its own sidestand and coming to a gentle rest, this was as lucky as accidents get, and have been trying not to push this too far ever since.