West Austraila anyway and incredibly enough part of Australia despite efforts of East Coast Soap Opera's use of it as a kind of place of the dead from where characters never return.
For those unfamiliar with Western Australia it is an humoungous place with relatively few people, most of whom are concentrated in the city of Perth or the South West Corner. It is flat with generally little rainfall but a nature that can be enjoyed in relative solitude. Not Switzerland beautiful of course but there are few natural enviroments that don't have their own impressiveness.
The photos are a random selection, most resulting from the direction my Volvo happened to be facing at the time. I don't know if they could be called representative as its difficult to step outside yourself and say this is Perth. A Japanese friend for example was most impressed with his pictures of the wheeled rubbish bins and oil spots in car bays.
Photos are on colour reversal film and you'll see few B&W photos due to the laughably expensive cost of processing here.
Once again sorry for the size but you and I should really think about broadband.


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